💙 Creative-Steem Journal #3 (Contest & Newsletter Pause - Revisions & Key Priorities) 💙

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You are probably wondering where the last two newsletters and the next contest round went! This post is to let everyone know that we are actually going to pause both of them for awhile. I was recently struck down quite dreadfully with some sort of monster flu and now that I am finally getting better...it feels really important to set in place new infrastructure that will prevent a complete standstill from ever happening again. The entire workload was quickly leading up to daily posts...discord moderation and curation on top of two or three contests...and then the newsletter and website design and development and daily networking.

I will finally admit that along with my personal projects and life in general...that entire package is just too much work for me to handle right now. This account is meant to be run by several passionate community members anyway...so this detour turns out to be the much needed refocusing of my efforts in another direction to make this happen!

New and improved versions of the photo editing contest and the newsletter will return in a few short months...stronger than before and with a larger prize pool and more of the key elements needed to make them more successful. A larger audience and contributor and engagement incentives come to mind...and will go a long way towards more rapid growth. Three contests per week including writing is the ultimate goal!

If you have read the previous journals on this account and the newsletter update posts you will already know that I am extremely interested in using Smart Media Tokens to jump start the overall vision and the impact this account will have going forward! And...just the other day I learned that Steemit Communities are not a myth...they are actually going to happen...which is also very exciting! Both of these will be so essential to running @creativesteem in the way that I feel will benefit all authentic creative content creators on here the most.

I am also going to take this time to build up my main account @creativesoul and network and grow my reputation and voting power in order to gain more credibility and hopefully leverage that influence to gather more support for donations...delegations and other forms of valuable contribution over here! Quietly and diligently...I will be working behind the scenes...building the ground floor of the website that will be the future of @creativesteem and I will also be working on improved post templates and guidelines to prepare for a larger team.


To help with the workload in the future...I will be looking to hire staff from within the steemit creative community...with the following roles to join the team which will be paid for their contributions of time and energy with a steady supply of smart media tokens and steem:

Contest Manager

Daily Curation Manager

Newsletter Manager & Lead Writers

Social Media Manager

Forum Moderators

Lead Programmer & Developer

Lead Graphic Designer

Three weeks ago...I truly thought that I could actually fulfill all of those roles for the time being...just to get the ball rolling and find help with the necessary tasks along the way. Typical case of my head in the clouds! I have now hit the ground and realize that I cannot spread myself quite that thin. So I will focus on the one thing that will make everything else on that list possible...and see where things go from there!

Just to summarize this will not be a complete break for the whole account...just for the newsletter and contest and the weekly welcome wagon and steem trek newsletter features. I encourage you to continue checking out the new content created by @kerlund74 and @occupywallets and also @alexandravart...all three are very dear to me and have helped me with @creativesteem from the start. Much love and respect for these kindred spirits! I am sure that in the long run...this shifting of key priorities will make the whole venture run a lot more effectively and keep me on track with important yearly goals and milestones.



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Please Get Well Soon.

hope you will be fine soon and let me know how I can help
I made my discord too

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