My entry to the Photo Filters And Effects Contest Week 3

Hi There.....Do you like to play around with pictures?

I so love playing around and letting out my creative side 😀

Last week I came across a contest that gives you the chance to show your creativity.....Have you ever seen anything like this.....Go get a little closer to study the object 😁

IMG_20191224_122534  kopie.jpg

At first, I gave the picture a bit of a water swirl to get a somewhat crooked effect. I just loved the idea of making things a bit crooked.....Maybe I am a bit crooked too 😀

And then I toggled it to night vision.....Always wanted to be able to see more in the dark.....I admit that I am a bit afraid in the dark.....I thought I just try out this one item first to see what it makes me feel like.....And I think I am getting there.....I wasn't at all afraid of it 😋

Then I used the Emboss filter.....I actually have no clue what that is but loved the effect of it.....And last but not least I cropped my image 😀

Can you still see that it was a Christmas tree 😇


This is my original picture.....Would you have guessed that 😋

So if you also feel like playing around a bit with a picture of yours.....Be sure to enter the contest below

Tx @bliss11 to host this lovely contest

I can assure you it is a lot of fun

Hope you like my blog post.....Until next time.....Have a great day

Renata (Seadbeady)

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Look at that pretty Christmas tree and you did great with the use of effect too....especially with the water swirl. Thank you for participating in the contest. 🤗

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You are most welcome - tx for hosting :)

Te quedo excelente el efecto.
Un abrazo amiga

Tx so very much my friend :)

Wow, you certainly achieved a good effect, even though it is a photograph that is not completely centered, very good effect