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Too Much Hassle To Stay On So Many Different Platforms and after nearly a year of wait and see what is going on on Steem and Hive, i decided now to move on...

I don't say Hive is better, not at all, because it's not... it just makes no sense to me to hop in between the "same" posts on two chains all the time. Life is to short for all this drama about all this. On Hive i have at least some readers and voters on my content. But even there a decision has to be taken soon...

To me the future is on Videos, that's the reason i focus on for now...

Peace Love and Grooviness
Your Dude


They (@drakernoise and @bliss11) pulled me into this as well, but it is past my bedtime so I'll try to read up on the rules etc and do something for you all tomorrow.
Cool stuff @mondoshawan

Hehe, and? Contest entry ready? 😏

he he.. no dingbat 🤪,
I just got out of bed (well, at 6 am) I've only had one cup of coffee, answered several emails,
responded to many comments (like this one)

I've got to investigate the rules, the app that I was referred to, learn how to use it etc etc etc...
It may be next week before I'm ready, but I'll see as soon as I'm caught up.
Thanks Dude @mondoshawan

Wow so cool that you took the time to build up this cute post! It’s funny, doesn’t it? No better moment but these hard times to smile and make others feel good...
Thanks so much @mondoshawan 🤗
Sending you my best vibes and hugs.... and why not? Here a gift!


With pleasure my Brother... Thanks for being awesome!

Like i said before, this is cool lol and i thought i was the only one with the eyes 🤣. Am glad you came through with the entry....thank you for joining in the fun. 🤗

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With big pleasure... thanks for a cool contest! 😉

Glad to see another contest. Thanks for arranging such a great contest. Can't wait to submit my entry.

Waiting anxiously! @insense 😁

Good, just the contest is by @bliss11 and @drakernoise, if ever... 😁

Cool filter picture ;)

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