Photo Filters And Effects Contest Week 3

Hello friends Steemians is posting for Photo Filters And Effects Contest Week 3 created by @drakernoise and @bliss11, I show you a kaleidoscopic art made with a Macro photography of a Dragonfly in Ps Cs6.



Macro photography taken by me.

!1a 1aaa.jpg

!1a 1aaaxx.jpg

With a small fraction of the photograph I create an initial sketch rotating the cropped image in a certain way so that it gives us a great mirror effect.


I made this image from an insect, I made it for the center of the main image and it is repeated in several points of the image.

!1a 1A1aaa.jpg

Already finished background to put the main layer to achieve the different kaleidoscopic and mirror effect.


Main image mounted in the foreground, all the steps created were achieved in Ps Cs6 fused into a single image that I show you at the beginning of the publication, without more hope you like my publication.

All the photos and texts in this publication are made by me.

For work I use: FUJIFILM SL1000

© Carlos Adolfo Chacón Rosales.

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Wow...this looks so amazing, am even confused at how you did but it sure came out pretty. Thank you for participating in the contest and pls don't forget to drop a link in the contest post. 😄

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Wooow! This is an amazing job @carlosadolfochac that I almost missed since you didn’t add it into the weekly contest post on comments section...
Really really amazing editing work , not to mention that you got an incredible macro shot.
Thanks so much for your valuable time, we appreciate it truly!
Best wishes for the contest.
Hugs over there 🤗

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