Afternoon snacks

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Hello steemians and followers i want to share my afternoon snacks .. Hope you like it..
There is nothing like having a bowl of hot creamy chicken sopas to make you feel good on a hot afternoon.. This recipe should be able to help you cook a yummy delicious sopas that you can serve to the entire family..It is important for chicken sopas to be flavorful and have that nice solid chicken taste. This is one of the reasons why I am using chicken cube for this recipe. The evaporated milk. On the other hand make this soup dish rich and creamy. It also a distinctive ingredients that makes Filipino chicken macaroni sopas..Chicken sopas with milk makes this chicken sopas version rich and creamy. I am using evaporated milk for this recipe. Alternative ingredients for this type of milk includes fresh milk, powdered milk mixed in water,and whipping cream. Thank you for dropping by. Until next time 😘😝

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