#📣Winner of the BestTitleContest. New round with prize 10 sbd +10 sbd for jury! 🙆‍♀️🙆‍♂️

Hello everybody!

I returned! I must ask you to forgive again my sudden disappearances! For two days I could not find more than one minute to make this post. Less than a week left before my departure from Berlin. Soon we will go on our long journey Berlin-Qatar-Hong Kong-Thailand-Malaysia and Indonesia. But I didn’t complete the large amount of work that I had to do when my son was sick. I’m in panic! I hate unfinished business! So, today I don’t I can fall asleep, since I have to do this post !

We have concluded the voting for the Best Title for a shot of my friends! So cool!

Despite all the obstacles, I want to continue the competition! However, I am not sure that my publications will be published daily.

So, before announcing the winner of the previous contest, I announce a new round.

I'm waiting for your title for this pics!

This shot I took on the beach in India at the evening flip market, which is organized by experts and travelers living in the village of Arambol. This amazing man did not sell anything. He just sat there with this ad every night.


About the contest!

For those who joined us now, let us explain what is happening here.
This game was invented by me spontaneously for my friends. At the first stage I publish one of my original photos, which seems unusual or amusing to me, and I ask you to come up with a title for it. Anyone who wishes can offer his title in the comment field. This can be done only within 24 hours after the publication of the starting post. The next day I publish the second post with a full list of participants and their titles. The jury of the competition is the contestants themselves. The next 24 hours each participant who came up with the title must choose the best title from the list, excluding his own! They will choose the best title and will try their luck in the stimulating lottery.

The author of the best title takes the prize 10 sbd! The most lucky member of the jury also will receive 10 sbd .

Terms of participation

Terms of participation are the same as in previou contest. Participate all who want. I'm not asking you to resteem and do not even insist on upvote this post! If you do this voluntarily, I will be infinitely grateful to you. Believe me, I always look at the upvote list and know everyone who supports me. The only thing that needs to be done is to become my follower to be aware of the events!
Just come up with a cool title or description and publish in the comments. Do this within 24 hours. But, Perhaps, we will extend the first stage of the competition a bit and you will have more time to come up with a terrific title! And do not forget to come back tomorrow to make your choice.
If two titles win the same number of votes, then we will take into account the opinion of the audience.

Good luck friends!

Results of the previous contest!

I present you a list of all the jury members of the previous contest with the names of the authors to whom they gave their preference!

  1. @shivohum2015 - @milaan

  2. @milaan - @littymumma

  3. @sthitaprajna - @milaan

  4. @groynes- @milaan

  5. @crypto-wisdom- @milaan

  6. @rehan12- @sthitaprajna

  7. @chetnaag - @littymumma

  8. @spiritualpower - @milaan

  9. @pardeepkumar - @milaan

  10. @divine-sound- @milaan

  11. @iambrave -@littymumma

  12. @littymumma -@milaan

  13. @sughey - @solangeh

  14. @josephdaniela12 -@solangeh

  15. @sapwood- @milaan

  16. @luzanais-@anikearn

  17. @lacl -@groynes

  18. @anikearn - @milaan

10 judges out of 18 cast their vote to @milaan with title

🏆"Skill can balance anything in life."🏆

Congratulations my friend!👏👏👏👏👏🎉🎉🎉🎉

💲I send him 10 sbd!💲


⚠️ Well, it's time to draw a prize for the jury! List of jury members with the assigned numbers you can see on the screen. I will return with the next post where I will announce results of lottery Tomorrow.

🐞 Be happy! I'll be back very soon. See you! 🐞



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Title : Stop looking for Girl in the picture .... yeah youuu .... thirsty 😂😂😂🤣

You got a 82.34% upvote from @minnowvotes courtesy of @hassanabid!

Dont know what's happening

Mt title.......Only salvation can give me a clear picture of right and wrong.

Thank you...steem on and stay blissful....

Add India also in your touring menu

Title- Right and wrong are tested through a cyclic process.

Thank you and Have a great day.


Everyone is in a moral dilemma.

Congrats @milaan

While I am sure you are gonna be ok at the end with the preparation ;)

It sure will be a great tour so that I am sure of ;)

While this is my title for the contest

"You must think of me as Mad"

My title:Simple and honest attracts profits, go ahead!

My title I sell my thoughts.

Hello friend @ creator of the future, my title for this image is: "Perceptions touching"

Greetings friends, congratulations to the winner!
My title for today, "Everything in life is a matter of interpretation.
Respect and you will be happy. "

My title for this round " Text banner is a good method to attract someone .

My title for this pic contest
" Sometimes it is good to consult someone"

Thank you so much for this love. I am really overwhelmed by this. As far as title for the next contest, please find below my title.
I am sitting there to observe right or wrong.

I am very sorry that I have not win this contest one Time but I enjoy this contest very much. Today my name

Reveal what we really believe about right and wrong

Hello friend @ creadordelfuturo, my title is "sharing my belief, looking for ideas"

Here is my title
I sell more than anyone else does.

selling my perception

my entry to the contest: "the next generation seller"

Hello everyone, i have this title for this contest.
I need your help to sell the right product.

Title: Both right & wrong can be subjective and objective parameters of life.

"Seller of doubt"

My title for this pic " Man in confusion "