📣Competition The best title of the photo. 10 sbd-Step 2. Choose the winner. 🐾🐕🐦

Hello friends!

It has been 24 hours since the publication of a new photo for the contest for the best title. And this means that we close the list of proposals and proceed to a new responsible stage - the choice of the winner!

If I had chosen the best title myself, I would have gone mad! 😲😁 So many realy cool titles! 😍😍😍😍😍

By the way! Do you know the children's book Quack And Woof? @khiabels reminded me of this bestseller about the friendship of a dog and a duckling!
I ask all participants to choose the best title, excluding their own. The voices of those who do not take part in the competition are not counted. However, with an equal number of votes, that is, if the competition's favorites are two or three, we can take into account the opinion of the audience. Therefore, we will be grateful to everyone for their feedback.

  1. @dim753"Follow my tracks"

  2. @spiritualpower Those who go away, their marks remain in the form of memories.

  3. @khiabels Quack And Woof

  4. @anikearn Which never goes away -Voluntary or reluctant.

  5. @teresah Footprints that mark the path of love

  6. @criptoar "La naturaleza se abre pazo" or Nature is making its way

  7. @luzanais "Comparing footprints"

  8. @anasuleidy True friends go together leaving footprints on the road

  9. @steempampanga A Long Walk With My Best Buddy

  10. @sughey Caminanos amigo? or Walking together, friend?

  11. @hubyr Dancing Duck and Steady Doggie

  12. @mr-monk "Nintendo Zapper celebrities hanging out."

  13. @rehan12 "The Roaming of Duckling and the Friend"

  14. @norvicgarcia The walkers that coexist in this world.

  15. @noechie1827 The Coast Is Clear

  16. @jdbs"Even if we have differences, we go together leaving footprints along the way"

  17. @nathyortiz footprint at the end of life

  18. @magnata "On the road with the clouds."

  19. @aleks433 "You can not leave footprints in the sand if you stay at home."

  20. @artizm "Patterns of life " or " Fingerprints of life"

  21. @serkagan "A friend is one soul living in two bodies."

  22. @megafart "If there are tracks, then our planet is still inhabited"

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I will return with information about the winner in 24 hours. And at the same time I will publish a new funny photo for the next contest!

For those who joined us just now and would like to take part in the next task, we remind.

Terms of participation

Terms of participation are the same as in previou contest. Participate all who want. I'm not asking you to resteem and do not even insist on upvote this post! If you do this voluntarily, I will be infinitely grateful to you. Believe me, I always look at the upvote list and know everyone who supports me. The only thing that needs to be done is to become my follower to be aware of the events!
Just come up with a cool title or description and publish in the comments. Do this within 24 hours. In 24 hours there will be a post in which I will make a list of all participants and their titles. Then the participants will choose the best title, excluding their own.
If two titles win the same number of votes, then we will take into account the opinion of the audience.

All photos for the contest are my own.

Be happy! I'll be back very soon. See you!


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Most liked # 19 @aleks433 "You can not leave traces on the sand, if you stay at home." . This name motivates us to action

My choice is No. 19 @aleks433 "You can not leave marks on the sand if you stay at home."

Go with @spiritualpower . Very poetic title .

What a lovely initiative by you and during this bear market this is something interesting and cool. So many beautiful titles are proposed by many participants, well I am not a participant still I would like to select @spiritualpower's title. By the way your photography is looking very professional.

Hello friend How are you?

Hello my dear friends hope you are very good to me every day post, you post so beautifully that i am honored so much i post your post and from your post i learn new things and try to know you many congratulations

Your posts are very good. There are a lot of things to look like....thank you

My vote is for @spiritualpower.

Thank you...steem on and stay blissful....

The clouds, the footprints and photographic skill behind it to frame it here is always a wonderful experience.

Second title of @spiritualpower is the one describing those foot prints and relating it to our life. Memories are something remain deep inside our heart for a long time.

Every minutes are driving human being, but memories make a human being feel like special.

Thank you.

I must say that is a million dollar pic, there is very very specific beauty lies in that pic which if one observe deeply, can only understand. The second quote by @spiritualpower fits perfect as the title of the pic.

True friends go together leaving footprints along the way! This title is the one I liked the most, that's why I give my vote to @anasuleidy

@aleks433 "You can not leave footprints in the sand if you stay at home."

I will vote as always with the majority, since I can not vote for me. Hahaha
My vote is for # 08.

Hello friend @ creadordelfuturo, this time I will support the title # 8, luck!

I vote for 2 nd number @spiritualpower .
This is good line and good song too.

wow,really very great thought of you...its really very great contest of steemians.. wish everyone doing better this contest...all titles very beautifull and this photography really good. my dear friend.. @creadordelfuturo

Those are really some nice Titles While I will go for

@hubyr Dancing Duck and Steady Doggie

Absolutely breath-taking photography! ❤ Wonderful shot! I will go for

  1. @anasuleidy True friends go together leaving footprints on the road


Loved this title from @spiritualpower. Then let's vote for @spiritualpower

Congratulations my best friend @creadordelfuturo

Your everyday post is very important. I like it your great full New posts.
Good information My best friend . thanks for sharing your beautiful life


First of all its an excellent shot taken by you and one may get philosophical if one would describe that shot. I have read all the titles as mentioned in this article, But I am left with #2 which is @spiritualpower.

Thank you and Have a great day.

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I'm left with the title of @anasuleidy.

Most welcome my dear friend @creadordelfuturo. Congratulations for your post. I like it your every post. Best of luck in your new Post. thanks for sharing


I like @hubyr title Dancing Duck and Steady Doggie

I vote for Dancing Duck and Steady Doggie by ,@hubyr I think that's very imaginative. He was able to imagine who or what the animals are doing just by looking at the tracks

@jdbs is my choice

@aleks433 got an interesting title that will be my choice

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Greetings friend, great competition, there are very good titles but decided to the friend @anasuleidy

Those who go away their marks remain in the form of memories.

This is a heart touching line for me. So I will go with @spiritualpower