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In the early 90's Papa Historian liked to visit the electronics stores inn Germany, because of their great prices. One day he saw a grey box in one of the shops. He was curious and looked at it. This was his first introduction to the Nintendo Entertainment System ( or NES for short). Papa was surprised by this machine. Sure, he knew, what videogames were, since he spent part of his youth playing on the arcade machines (space shooters were his favourite). He also knew what video game consoles were ( well, plug and play types at least), but this was something new to him. Interested he bought the console and some games with it.

He enjoyed playing the games in his spare time. However a few years later he married the Mama Historian and mainly focused on supporting her, while she was on the maternity leave. When her first born son was quietly sleeping in his bed and the other one was being made in her belly ( In other words, me.), she used the little spare time she had to play on the NES .

Anyway, that's enough of my family's history with the system. Let's look at the games. Shall we?




Asterix is a platformer released in the 1993 by Infogrames for the NES, SNES and GB. You play as the Asterix himself trying to save your friend Obelix from the Romans ( How they were able to accomplish this impossible feat is never explained). This game was only released in the PAL region, which means no export for the Northern America. This isn't surprising, because Asterix is way more popular in Europe then the US.

Blades of Steel


Released by Konami in the 1990 (PAL version), Blades of Steel is a port of an arcade title of the same name. It's a great sports game which allows you to play as real live North American hockey teams, 4 for the US and 4 for the Canada. What I personally like about the game, is that when two opposing players crash into each other, they start fighting. The game then switches into a fighting game and you have to beat up the competitor in a fist fight. After that the loser is out for two minutes. It's also the only non-platformer game I own for my NES.

Felix the Cat


Felix the Cat is a platformer from the 1992 published by the Hudson Soft. You play as the aformentioned cat trying to save his girlfriend Kitty from the evil Professor. This is the first game I remember playing and as such it helds a special place in my heart.



Based on 1991 movie of the same name, Hook is a platformer, where you play as the adult Peter Pan trying to save your kids. You travel through levels collecting items, jumping over obstacles and fighting enemies ranging from pirates, to ghost, zombies and yettis.¨

Super Mario Bros 2


A sequel to the original Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros 2 was released in the 1989 (PAL version). A favourite game of Papa Historian, who liked to play as a Princess Toadstool because of her hovering powers.

Super Mario Bros 3


Published by the Nintendo in the 1991 for the PAL region, Super Mario Bros 3 is a unforgetable classic of the NES console. My mother played this game so much, that she could still tell you the placements of the warp flutes today from her memory.

The Battle of Olympus


Developed by the Infinity, The Battle of Olympus was released in the 1991 for the PAL region. You play as Orfeus travelling through Greece to save your lover Helene from Hades. Hardest game in my collection, which nobody from my family was able to beat ( I did, but it doesn't count, since I used the emulator and the guide.)

Tom and Jerry (and Tuffy)


A platformer released by Hi Tech Productions in the 1991. You play as Jerry from the legendary cat and mouse duo. Tom kidnapped Jerry's nephew Tuffy and it's your job to save him.

Trolls in the Crazy


Released by American Softworks in the 1993. It's a reskin of a game named Doki! Doki! Yūenchi: Crazy Land Daisakusen featuring the popular trolls. An evil spirit kidnapped your girlfriend and you must venture into the Crazyland to save her.


This is for the introduction. Next time we are going through the games one by one in a greater detail.

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Trolls in Crazyland is pretty rare. Congrats! Looking forward to the playthrough =D

Sorry to disappoint, but I lack the tools, experience and a general know-how. I have never done a playthrough of a game in my life.

If you had to choose one game, which would you do first?

That would be Felix the Cat. As I mentioned in the post, it's the first game I remember playing and I always replay it at least once a month.

I liked it and I pressed it ;-)

Thank you for your support. I hope you will also like the future content. It's always great to her from the new readers.

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