🏁 The WINNER of CrazyChallenge. The First Season. The Final Game. 🚀 Contest with Money Prize!

in #crazychallenge7 years ago

The first season of a chellenge came to an end. I want to congratulate the winner of a final game - @pollina who won prize fund of SD 55.216 and STEEM 19.528

I want to thank all of the participants. In this season there were many different tasks with which you have perfectly and creatively coped. Especially I want to tell many thanks for support and the warm atmosphere in comments to the challenge posts. Guys, with you it was very cheerful! I hope that the next seasons will continue in the same spirit.

Also I want to thank several whales - @berniesanders, @joseph and of course @smooth most of which often supported the challenge. Thanks to their upvotes and participation more people learned about challenge, and it was not only for fun, but for monetary rewards as well!

In total for the first season SD 320.756 STEEM 61.866 has been played

I will be grateful for any feedback and useful tips.

Join the channel Fun on steemit.chat, to stay tuned to the new contests -https://steemit.chat/channel/crazychallenge

If you have any suggestions of how this contest could be improved, write it in the comments or find me on steemit.chat ( @anasya )

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Спасибо вам за возможность весело поучаствовать и еще и выиграть!!! Ура,я очень рада!!! Спасибо всем кто поддержал меня!!! Ждем новых конкурсов!! У вас это очень здорово получается!!!! Спасибооооо!!!!

It was very cool! I am pleased to continue to participate in the following Challenge

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