🏁 CrazyChallenge. The First Season. The Seventh Game. 🚀 Contest with Money Prize!

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CrazyChallenge is a new crazy challenges with money prize every day. Watch, take part, invite your friends, exceed your limits, have fun, make your day. More about CrazyChallenge.

Winners CrazyChallenge. The first season.

The first game @lehard with prize 46 SBD
The second game - @acidsun with prize 29.347 SBD
The third game - @lehard with prize 0.22 SBD
The first finalist - @lehard with weekly prize 54.349 SBD

The fourth game - @papa-pepper with prize 5.655 SBD
The fifth game - @on0tole with prize 13.898 SBD
The sixth game - @summonerrk with prize 15.485 SBD

  The second finalist - @summonerrk with weekly prize 25.057 SBD  

Task for today

What do you see in the buttom of your glass?

Rules of participation

Each season lasts 4 weeks. 3 rounds per a week. 12 rounds in total. Each round has its unique task.

The winner of every round gets the prize. The winners of every week get to the final, where they compete for the super prize. You can join the Challenge at any time.

3 Week

19th of September. 1 round. Started
What do you see in the buttom of glass?

21st of September. 2 round. Starts at 5 pm NY time (19:00 UTC).
Draw yourself

23d of September. Round 3 (x2). Starts at 5 pm NY time (19:00 UTC).
The most creativity selfie-stick

The winner of each round is determined by the most of upvotes (to avoid fake votes, only the collected funds will be taken into account).

The prize for the winner of a round: 35% of SD collected by the post.

Weekly Prize Pool

 The number of upvotes which each player got in every round is to be recorded in the table;

 Upvotes, collected in the Friday round, are to be doubled in the table;

  25% SD from each round goes to the Weekly Prize Pool;

 A player collected the biggest number points for a week gets the entire bank and comes to the final.


The winners of the each of 4 weeks are to compete with each other in the final. The coolest tasks for the most desperate players and competition for the Final Prize Pool.

Final Prize Pool

Paying over 10% SD of each round post;
 100% SD of the final post;
 Sponsor donations.

Reward allocation

 1st place - 45%
 2nd place - 20%
 3rd place - 12%
 4th place - 8%

The current Final Prize Pool: 31.879 SD

*15% from the Final Prize Pool goes for the organizational expenses and fee for the organizers.

Join the channel Fun on steemit.chat, to stay tuned to the new contests -https://steemit.chat/channel/crazychallenge

If you have any suggestions of how this contest could be improved, write it in the comments or find me on steemit.chat ( @anasya )

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I'm scary!

No you are nice! :D But the skull is scary, yes)

I mean I'm afraid))) oh my english...

No problem ) Everybody improves his or her English here)))

My vision after I published a post

I could not get this effect. What am I doing wrong?

It's a cup) not glass

@anasya this is genius!

I see Charlie Brown!

That's what I think?

Blue curasao?)

Blue milk :) from crazy cow :)

You are kidding me

Wasn't even planning on joining the competition until this guy decided to take a swim in my coffee! Not a glass technically but hey, who drinks coffee from a glass?

It's a special spices for every dishes

A Crazy Challenge

(Pun Intended)

Wow! What is it?

Look closesly, you've got a 2x2, 4x4, possibly the all-too famous 3x3.

Created by Erno R.
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