The universal laws of speculating still apply

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When I first started in Cryptos, I couldn't believe what was happening. I'd been speculating for 20 years and have never seen such a meteoric rise. To me, the markets have always been an exciting experience. My motto at the office is "welcome to the jungle". The crypto markets make the regular markets seem like they have training wheels on. The fear and greed are very amplified. There are all kinds of external factors that effect these exchanges such as hackers steeling, government rules changing, hard forks forking, and who knows what else. The truth of the matter is, this market is VERY thinly traded and many of the people "trading" have very little experience. The on and off ramps to the platforms are very slow and tedious.
Main street has barely gotten wind outside of bitcoin and maybe Ethereum.

My advice is.......Buy your favorite business ideas, cold store, do not spend your bitcoin or alt coins on your lifestyle!!!!! Close your eyes and fall asleep. The on and off ramps are being built as we speak!!!
5-10 years from now you will be very happy!!


that's the best thing you can do- put it away and hold them at least till 2020

Great in site, Good attitude, advice we can take to the bank.. thanks!

That is true how the crypto markets greed power is emphasised as you have so many people speculating and others on smaller coins pumping and dumping.
It is a jungle out here but we just have to be strong and resilient to survive.

good advice

Great post:)
im a newbies in the cryptocurrency & i much appreciate your post , thank you so much

Welcome in the New World where everything is instant.
Today you are rich, tomorrow you lose 40% of your wealth, next week you recover.

I know, Cryptos go up and down 25, sometimes 50% in a day. Way different from stocks or anything else.

You always give a great advice, thanks for sharing!)

I agree on that ! It's a long term strategy .

yes indeed we will! haha, in the beginning i traded and after 2 days I sold. Now i HODL!

This is a very good advice! Thank you!

I agree. Thanks for your advice. We should also consider what coin we are investing in.

@davidp i strongly belive in crypto

@davidp crypto to the sky sirr

Tnx for this small piece of info. I agree with the statements and i believe more people should speak them. I have some small investments in coins and increasing them steadily. But not getting anything out!

I think I'm gonna try this one.
Thanks for the advice :D
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yeah, It's a long term strategy . thanks for the advice and sharing .😄

Welcome to Jungle !! That's Crypto for you

This is a good method that must be taken into consideration !

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