Why The Markets Are Crashing?

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Here Are The Reasons I See for the recent BTC crash!

Tracking & Privacy Concerns:

Governments Making It Harder To Be Anonamous On Exchanges, Avoid Taxes, And Use BTC For Darkweb Sales & Laundering. People must cash out, even at a lower price. The Dark web economy Is Shrinking.

Banks Attacking Crypto:

-Bank of England Says Gov could ban Crypto, resulting in istitutional money being removed. Especially when futures are risk free, there is much incentive to sell or short due to FUD.
-Banks cutting ties with tether & Exchanges. Making it harder to get into crypto. Also creating FUD.
-Goldman Sachs says governments may ban crypto and you may lose whole investment. People no longer seeing it as safe store of value and life savings.
-Banks Feel Threatened & Fight To Survive & Maintain Their Wealth. Spreading FUD, fear & Fighting Bitcoin through its value, since they cant manipulate the blockchain itself, but can manipulate public perception very effectively.

Hacks, Loss of Investment & Raids:

CoinExchange Loses User Funds, Has To Take It Out Of Own Pocket
South Korean Exchanges Raided
CoinExchange Raided

Court Cases, Lawsuits & Subpoenas:

-Tether Bitfinex subpoenas may be forcing people to cash out with tether while they can, and tether & Bitfinex could be turning Tether Into cash, or Bitcoin Into Cash that they used created tether to buy, raising price artificially, then pulling billions out of tether. Or Really Bitcoin and Alts They Bought With Printed Tethers.
-Scammers & Ponzi Schemes Collapsing Like Bitconnect, & Get Cease & Decist Letters. Promoters Now Fighting Lawsuite, Risky To Promote or Benifit From Crypto.
-ICO Court Cases, & SEC Intervention. ICO Scams like Prodeum Centra Confido Telegram & Others. Many PPl have been burnt while trying to get involved. This news and experiences of newbies hurts bitcoin.
-ICO court Cases & SEC crackdown

Reports, Education Of Risks, Media & Propaganda:

-Weiss Ratings Adding To The Subconcious Perspective Of Cryptocurrencies.
-NIST report Says Bitcoin Is Not Real Bitcoin
-Propiganda. Media owned by system, Bankers & Governments is helping to make it look bad, risky or a joke.
-WEF Fear spreading

National Efforts & Governments Try To Maintain Control & Relevance:

-Countries Taking Out Ads To Warn Of ICO & Crypto
-South Korea Ban Spreads As Fake News. Authorities Confirm Recent Regulation & Laws For Exchanges, & Now Have Authority To Shut Them Down If People Use Them For Illegal Activities Like Not Paying Taxes, Or Money Laundering. SouthKorea Uncovers $600 million In Illegal Trades
-Attacks Due To Governments Launching Their Own. Need to convince us ours are too volitile, unsafe & Unsupported by officials & governments.
-Governments & Sec cracking down & Lawsuites
-China Ban, USA Bans
-India says there could be a ban, resulting In FUD that makes newbies sell.

Mental barriers:

-People see 20 thousand as too high.
-People think it can be stolen easy
-Human Nature, Not Wanting To Buy When We Are Uncertain, And Buying After It Spikes.
-Protection from losses, Weak hands
-People sold at recent alltime highs.

Businesses Not Finding BTC Useful & Drop It:

-Companies like stripe dropping btc
-Facebook ban on ads. Many people see that if facebook banned ads, something is up.

Natural Cycle of Bitcoin:

-It was meant to go back to 8,000 we thought months ago, but futures trading delayed the cycle and institutions & Banks bought up, before the planned attempt to crash price, & profit of the crash through Future shorts.
-Cashing Out, Profits, & New Cryptocurrencies & ICOs Taking Attention & Money From Older Ones.
-Whales Tricking You Into Selling Low, Buying High
-Bots Creating All red Or all Green Days, & Adding To Volitility.
-Short Orders
-Futures throwing off the natural cycle, & Delaying or Maximizing Month Long Cycles. Insiders See Regulation Coming, & Profit Off Shorts & See more profit with Spreading Fear.

After This Crash, we can be happy to get much of this stuff out of the way. Like The tether issue finally being dealt with, regulations happening, Government getting their hands in it, all these things mean the sunlight can now start to shine back through, and we can thrive.

Watch My Video From Feb 5th Here

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Any sign that this trend will end?
Can steem push the other cryptocurrency prices since steemit is being adopted in large scale by users around the world?

Its a full blown war being waged on Crypto isn't? It's come to far to die now, surely but it needs to find a way to be accepted by Governments and not a threat to them. Otherwise it's going to be fighting an endless FUD war. At least if it survives through this it can survive anything

In my opinion it's not a crash, just the yearly trend as it has been over the last few years. Only now bitcoin is more valuable

i followed you and upvoted