Craigslist now sorts sellers by those accepting crypto! A boon to crypto enthusiasts everywhere!

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Well, chalk one up to the good guys. Craigslist has just started sorting all of their seller ads with the option to choose only those who are willing to accept crypto! BOOM! That's great news for our industry.

What happens when I check out cars in Boston?

I'm pretty pleased by the list of options available and the number of people that are willing to accept crypto for their vehicle. I have some questions about how to fill out a transfer deed or something like that if I'm using crypto, but overall I'm stoked that I can pay with crypto as opposed to pay with fiat!

So, I went looking for more stuff. I'm a little nervous because things are a little sparse to start.

But then again this hasn't been going on for all that long. So, another way to look at this is things are looking healthy considering the business model is less than a week old.


I have a love of ATVs. One of the first days I took one out I rolled it down the slope of a ski mountain in NH. Took a lickin' and drove fine after a 6 flip roll. So, I checked that out too.

This one is looking pretty sparse actually. If you compare it to the main atv without crypto acceptance you can see there are 900+ entries vs 8 or so.

So, I assess we're off to a strong start. I'll check in on this in week or two and I hope to see more things listed.

I'm pretty excited about this development. Gizmodo is not

These fuckers are clearly bad mouthing crypto. They go on to basically imply that we're all a bunch of shady bastards. I don't know how to overcome that. Wanting anonymity from the government doesn't necessarily make one a shady bastard. thinking the currency is going to drop in value relative to altcoins ins't necessarily a shady bastard. I mean, there are shady bastards in crypto, but there are in the terrestrial world... especially governments.

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I'm sure there's all kinds of nice things and services you can purchase on Craigslist that you wouldn't showing up on your credit card ;)

Probably most of those accepting BTC are in the "Personals" section!

Yeah, male prostitution. I remember the old forBitcoin site was full of that and not much else. Good thing the market has grown beyond that

Edit : I took a look. I couldn't find any option for 'cryptocurrency ok' in personals or service sections. I guess they are cleaner than 'forbitcoin' was.

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Great idea ;)

Great comment too!

If you're not participating in this ICO, truth be told you missed big time next year. Mark my words!

That's FOMO!

Only invest what you can afford to win or loss period.


Yeah that's right cheers, good things come to those who invest early period.

Too many competitors in this area.

I had my suburban up for sale on Craigslist for bitcoin. I got a bunch of text and calls asking what bitcoin was and how to get it. I never advertised the price in USD. Only bitcoin. Not a single person had bitcoin. Sigh. Sold it for cash.
I’ve had some other stuff for sale and clicked that new “cryptocurrency ok” button. I even state in the add that I will take most any of the to 50 cryptocurrencies.

Great information. Thanks for sharing.

I got a bunch of text and calls asking what bitcoin was and how to get it.

Makes my day! lmao

Unfortunate but keep trying man, at the very least is got the word out to a few more people. Maybe one of them looked it up and became interested because of you.

You are ahead of your time, my friend. That's like asking somebody to email you in 1990! The good news is, once cryptos become a standard way to transact, you'll be way ahead of the game.

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‘‘This is fantastic. I am going to sell some stuff for bitcoin tonight

Nicee! They are really embracing crypto's :D

This is good, more and more website are accepting crypto... I think the opposing people can't stop the rise of cryptocurrency because people are getting smarter and smarter against corrupt government mentality. Either they like it or not Cryptocurrency era will happen in the future.

I'd go so far as to say we'll send the end of the nation state in my lifetime.

Possibly...but not in my lifetime...I am an old timer...but I fear that governments will rebel once their status quo is threatened...mark my words..

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

It will take some time for cryptos to be adopted for everyday transactions, but the trend is going that way. That is why I decided to accept Cryptos (Bitcoin and Ethereum, but will consider many other cryptos including Steem) on two of my ecommerce stores and

Within a decade, there will be no reason to convert from crypto to fiat.

I already have a friend who is getting paid (full time job) in ETH.




What job does your friend have, I'm interested to hear what industries are adopting cryptos?

He is one of the programmers for myetherwallet. So, it's definitely into crypto. :-)

Great stuff. The visibility is more important than usage at the moment.

Well, I just had to head over to my local craigslist site to see if anybody in my smallish, old people town was accepting crypto for stuff, and to my surprise there's quite a lot! Glad you shared this info. Some of the better stuff I found on my local site include a 2010 Harley, several cars from a small dealership even, game systems, appliances, a camper, and a ton of other electronics. That's awesome!

Hey store owner and entrepreneur
a new coin in town you'll love for sure.
it's steem dollars and its hot with steem
better get moving and join on the team
Down at Craigslist they accept it for trade
Better get smart and make the grade.
crypto-currency is the wave to ride
better get on board and enjoy the tide
The old fiat system is a thing of the past
but steem dollars there a gonna last.

original poem with inspiration I wrote.

Wow, this is great more sellers are crypto. Before we know it in 2018 crypto will be invading the market and they can't stop it!

Thank you for sharing @aggroed! Resteemed.

This is great seeing as I use Craigslist to sell and buy both..... more business's need to start doing it too.

Crypto is already starting to go mainstream, I ant even imagine what things will look like in the summer.

I forecast that Crypto will explode...and a government backlash will follow...

It seems both may happen simultaneously....I hope the people backlash at the backlash

I like it...backlash maybe backlash cubed in

The rise of crypto continues...nothing and no one can stop crypto...!!

It's entering mainstream day in day out.

This is amazing! Meanwhile my bank first treated me like I was speaking gibborish, and then laughed at me, when I was having trouble connecting Coinbase and had to call to see if they could help me find the deposit verification amounts. They totally thought i was nuts. I am new to all this, have always been interested in it but never tried to get into it until now. Very excited about all the upcoming changes, and this Craigslist thing is awesome news.

If they laughed at a customer needing help then it's time to get a new bank.

I live in a small city in Montana... no one knows what it is here. We are like 10 years behind on everything always.

This is an awesome improvement. I am happy to hear it. Would be happier if amazon and other online stores can add crypto as means of payment

This is great news for all those who support the development of cryptocurrencies and their global acceptance. As more and more companies and external agents to cryptocurrencies that are interested in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies and want to integrate their current processes into new digital processes, will ensure a long and prosperous future for the new cryptoeconomy.

I was elated when I found out Craigslist was now accepting Cryptocurrency. This is a mainstream site used by everyday internet browsers. With this adoption, cryptos will begin to gain more chatter in the web space. A dawn of a new age is on the horizon!

I’m so ready for the mass benefits Blockchains and cryptocurrencies can bring to our hurting society!

How much bitcoin do I give for a happy ending?

Great work craigslist!

I would be excited about buying blowjobs from fat chicks and gay dudes with bitcoin but I'm worried about looking back and saying, "shit, that blowjob was worth 15k."

Well, maybe you should consider all the other types of people you could waste $15k on too. Maybe the right experience will actually make it worth it!

Unfortunately, I haven't found any interracial cuckold couples on Craigslist that take Bitcoin.

Hee hee too...

Boy oh really made me laugh at that...and it could even be true one day... but never yet found a lady who wants Steeming....yet...had to upvote you

It’s crazy how quickly cryptos are taking over. Exciting times!

Yes .. n very fortunate to be a part of it

Fantastic! I get more excited every time I see more options for using cryptos. As far as "...anonymity from the government...," you're not gonna have that, not really, unless you're using one of the privacy coins, and with the KYC law, everyone best be paying their taxes. lol They know who you are, and where you are, unless you're buying and selling locally, and directly to and from individuals. Great post, thanks.

Welcome to the age of Cryptocurrency

follow and upvote ^^

Are you right morewebsite are accepting crypto .

Good post

Please am new here ,you can follow please

Buen contenido @aggroed

It seems like Crypto is on an unstoppable march...until Governments counter when their ability to print cash is threatened...

Thanks for the informative post - will follow you!

Yeah .. very first wallstreet then yahoo then Craigslist .. very good improvement


Great article...but in the event that I was a seller, I don' believe I would accept crypto due to the volatility unless I had a quick way to sell it into FIAT. Of course I'm not a HODLer, I'm a trader so perhaps it is just my mind set..


I am new to Steemit, isn't that big ass rotating GIF asking for upvotes and resteems exactly what this community is against? It looks like an ad on a news site and doesn't belong here.

Your opinion has been duly noted and dismissed. This is a competitive market place my friend. That said if I were an average writer, or the typical knucklehead that you find here on STEEMIT then I would perhaps agree with you in that promoting oneself when they have nothing to offer is asinine. That being as it would only draw attention to their lack of insight, ability and creative content. On the other side of the equation I put significant effort in to creating engaging posts, comments etc. and Yes I choose to draw attention to it for the sake of getting a click through, follow and interaction on the page. A strategy that is apparently working quite well in terms of make the account profitable. If the GIF bothers you then avert your eyes, look at something else or find something else to bitch about, or create content build a following. To each their own..

Great way to welcome someone new to Steemit! Forgive me for wanting to read good comments and not look at shitty gifs like a used car salesman yelling in my face. If Steemit is "a competitive market place" and not a tool to curate good content without shoving ads in my face then I will excuse myself from this "Community".

It was nice having you.. What you need to understand is that while steemit is a community, it likewise carries a financial incentive to succeed. Unfortunately with plethora of bullshit articles, that amount to nothing more than pages full of conglomerations of links that lazy dickheads sourced from google news in the hopes of getting an upvote. Those of us that do write excellent content need to be aggressive to a degree to get our name out there. Also not my job to welcome you when you come in the door bitching, if you need a hug.. go to your safe space and call some one whom cares to come give you one. If this is adios, then take care..

That's a great idea @aggroed

Nice to see web giants starting accept cryptocurrencies ! always a good sign for crypto future

Things have been going swell for crypto! Thanks for the news!

so now prostitutes accept crypto! that is awesome!

Come again? haa haa

That is great news. I might actually go back to using it again. It became difficult to tolerate the spam after while so I've used Letgo and OfferUp instead.

only wise people can get a good idea idea, just like you @aggroed read your post is really no benefit for everyone a new idea is needed.

Now I can get murdered AND have my crypto stolen!

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Having an option to pay by some crypto currency is great. But this domain needs to consolidate with couple of currencies instead of thousands available currently. That will help bringing them into mainstream rapidly.

Why? The point of craigslist is you can sell or even barter whatever you want? Also, everyone already uses craigslist. Not sure how much more mainstream they can be.

What I meant was there was so many crypto currencies, I might not want one currency that my buyer wants to pay with. Having few options could make it easier to may be choose from a drop down or something and transact directly thru craiglist.

Maybe, but it's pretty easy to swap to another currency that they do want.

thanks awsome post

check this out

Let's hope we get that option here in OZ on gumtree!! (Gumtree is Australia's version of Craig's list)

Crypto is definitely being adopted by the world. In my country every newspapers are starting to write about BTC

Amazing news for all of us to say the least!

Thnx @aggroed . You're wonderfull. I like your posts and accept.... you ' re good member on @steem famipy. Also l think @craigslist @crypto @blockchain this tags , so interesting and good.
I recommend my firends @ebruaydogdu and @bahadirk ...
I wish you continued success...
Good post man ... l like it...
...Thank you...

Well ,craigslist is a good platform and introducing the crypto would make life much easier for those who are using craigslist more often.
Well i use it too for traffic and it is really good site for free targeted traffic :)

incredible post

I remember when bitcoin was sold at two cents and most around me said they would not buy it would never last. Well today I constantly wish I would have bought and I believe it is here to stay. Glad to see so many vendors have the option to purchase with Bitcoin and the likes. Happy bitcoin mining for me.

@aggroed - This is a good development but how many people would want to pay craiglist using crypto these days given the hight volatility ? Think about paying .25 ETH for an item and then seeing in a day that the same item could've been purchased for .15 ETH instead.. Some more stability might help

But south Korea planning to stop Cryptos .. your views on the news ?

I have never heard of that. Do you have a source?

That is awesome. I wonder how long until we see more of this. Hopefully sooner than later. I also wonder how they would conduct the transfer of coin.

Plus the way bitcoin jumps up and down in the matter of hours. The seller could be getting a lot more or less than what he/she was asking.

Oh wow that’s so cool!! I love how it’s being more widely accepted and crypto is picking up STEEM 😉

What a win! Awesome

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I was just on Craigslist this morning to post something and saw this. I made a little post about it. Good to know that it is fairly new and I'm not too far behind! I am super excited about this!

Now might be a good time to talk about how to set up burner wallets. Last thing I want is for someone to meet me for a deal, beat the shit out of me and rob me of everything I have.

Seller/buyer beware, in this case. I'm for this change, but you'll need to take even more care to be the handoff.

  • Don't meet at your house
  • Meet in front of police stations, or some place with a crowd
  • Don't let anyone hold any of your devices that store/transfer crypto. Keep an iron grip on that shit
  • Bring friends to stick around and watch for any red flags

At the end of the day, I'm find with a crypto trade. I just think it's a lot more dangerous, given the current climate.

I am not sure if Craigslist and CryptoCurrency is a good combination. LOL

Smokin' hot news! Crypto in leaps and bounds, so eager to see what's next in line. :)

Crypto Mcdonalds delivery here in the Philippines? That would be noice. @[email protected]

I haven't eat McDonalds in over a decade. I'm pretty sure that doesn't actually qualify as "food"

Me neither...last Mcdonalds 35 years ago inn Hong Kong... when I fancied a change from eating Cantonese food... Pleased to say none of my grandkids would be seen in a Mc Donalds...thank goodness...manufactured slop

You're right. It really isn't ahahaha

Man I’ve got to figure this one out

That's great news, the more acceptance and exposure we can get with crypto the better. What coins are they accepting?

Hey store owner and entrepreneur
a new coin in town you'll love for sure.
it's steem dollars and its hot with steem
better get moving and join on the team
Down at Craigslist they accept it for trade
Better get smart and make the grade.
crypto-currency is the wave to ride
better get on board and enjoy the tide
The old fiat system is a thing of the past
but steem dollars there a gonna last.

original poem with inspiration I wrote.

Very good idea!

owo Great thanks for information!!!!!!!

@aggroed I bet the 'haters' of cryptos will be doing a lot of regretting once is too late :) Best wishes.

Governments and top businesses of every country are more interested in wars over cryptos, so after years of playing politics in there day to day lives.. they assume every new trend as shady or leading to terrorism. where dollars can be printed at home cryptos cant! that's what makes them go against it.

And so cryptos continue to grow. I would love to see Jamie Dimon's face right now.

Paying crypto with web wallets would be sweet. Have an app where payer and receiver acknowledge the payment just by having their phones tap. Lol.

Next up, crypto support on ebay!

Here I am to read this post.

Thank you for the info. I listed my 1st listing that accepts Crypto check it out, thank you,


It's great to know that people have started accepting crypto as payments. Finally there might be a time when we don't need to convert to fiat cash and buy stuff. They are badmouthing crypto now but soon they'll be the one investing in it when crypto goes mainstream and starts getting accepted everywhere.


Hehe! Yeah! Been doing that from the start. :D


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I remember sounding stupid when talked to friends about crypto years ago.Now i become relevant and questions coming in about where they could get bitcoins!

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Well. That's booming, imean cryptocurrency is now expanding like a nuclear fusion. But still most of the countries not accepting it cause its volatile in nature.


Do they sell votes on craigslist?

No they don't

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

No, but the good news is that you don't even have to leave the platform to do that. You can buy them right here on Steem! I'll look to see if they have delegations though... or to see if they have any memes about pots calling kettles black.

Check if they provide any witness servers as well.

This is awsome. Since i read this, I wanna add one more ICO i know. Which is Boon coin. This is a free job marketplace using blockchain. Its works like freelancer upwork and all. But the amazing part is, they have no service fee. This is a highly secured platform:

Yeah there is no way that being able to sort by crypto is a bad thing. I just blacklisted gizmodo from my brain. It's funny how they think civilians who want to be anonymous are shady but when the government anonymously does shady stuff behind the scenes there's nothing to see here folks. Business as usual. Very one sided, and I want to claim that they are paid opposition. The only people I see bad mouthing crypto have no idea what it truly is. They say it's backed by nothing, when it's backed by technology.

I listed a couple of items with the crypto option checked and imediately received a response, think they were spam as they would only mail check and only communicate by email or text, i had another item listed w/o crypto, no response - beware and do not responds to those

Don't let them get to you, crypto has come to stay. Trust me there is more acceptance by the day. Bank of America has today granted Bitcoin patent rights which to me I see as a step in the right direction.

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that's good, but they need to redesing it first. It looks like 2005 website

Ok, let's do our part if we don't want the sheeple to be turned against us if that is Gizmodo's approach. Pretend I'm a total newbie to Cryptos but I am a huge fan of import cars, If I see a body kit I like on Craigslist or whatever how do I close the transaction safely? Please in all answers assume that I am a total newbie, and you are looking to make a sale; Help me buy from you! Go:

restemed your post
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Check it out!

Awesome! Now we just need a drone delivery option to catch up to 21st century!

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Cool thank you for sharing!

I've actually sold things and listed that I'll take bullion as payment before- it actually worked once (got paid in Maria Theresa Thalers). This is a lot more convenient!

I want to learn.

Once mainstream accepts crypto for everyday purchases we've officially won a major battle in the war for economic freedom. Way cool.

well thats pretty neat


This is great news,all my stuff that is just in the shed i might be motivated to sell now!