You will not believe (work gossip)

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Come into work today the accountant and her husband, a lawyer, who work for the company(health insurace) as well have been stealing millions of dollars from the company. Now here is the kicker, the accountant is the CEO daughter. The ceo has fired his son-in-law, he(ceo) wanted to press charges but decided it wasnt worth it. The moment I finished my work I so happen to get off the elevator on the wrong floor (7) instead of floor one. When the door opened (what did i see) the lawyer aka the ceo son in law has used some of the money to rent office space 4 floors down from our office. He really went all out, he has a huge private office with a GYM/WORKOUT ROOM and SHOWER with a STEAM ROOM. I couldnt believe what I was seeing. It made our office look like a refugee camp (no offense). This was like a slap in the boss /his father in law face. The accountant (ceo daughter) didnt mention anything about it. If you were the owner of this company what would you have done/said to your own daughter and your son-in-law?

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I would probably do something. Not just out of spite and anger, but because the next logical step after opening an office right near that one is to start poaching workers.

That is what I was thinking

If I was a spiteful man, which I can assure you I am not, I would wait until the guy got his office up and running, so he has made all his capital investments, then press charges. I'd also inform the tax department, so they can initiate their own investigation into his finances.

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