Today was a good day.

in craigrant •  3 years ago 

It was a pretty good day today, didn't do too much because I needed to work on some things, projects etc. I woke up traded a little bit, then did some research on vehicles (trying to buy a new car). I really do not like making large purchases often but I'm forced to make the purchases due to various reasons. I'm not big on money because I see everything as currency after studying economics for years (self study). but, anyways, today I sat around the house reading the "local" morning newspaper found out some interesting things on another topic. I also went to a local bbq spot for lunch, didn't like them much. For some reason the locals can not cook worth a penny, it is like they do not care, just throw it on the plate. I also went to pick up some things at the mall not too much. I haven't shopped at the mall in awhile (years). Once I was finished with the mall I headed home for my final few trades then headed to sleep. All in all Today was a good day.

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Glad to hear. I presume all things are well financially?

In a way.