How to make Steem with the most boring post.

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Well this is how I make steem. Talk a lot about yourself. Tell people about you and your life. Don’t ask questions. Don’t show an interest in other people and above all do not listen to what they say. Watch a lot of TV. Do not waste time reading, going out or with hobbies ,just keep up with soaps, sport and popular entertainment programs.Do the same things. Get into a regular routine and do not diverge from it. Don’t try anything new or adventurous.Don’t waste time on books or the arts. Avoid the cinema, the theater, literature, magazines, new kinds of music or live performances. Stay at home. Don’t waste time and money travelling to new places and experiencing different cultures, activities or lifestyles. Stick with the same group of friends. Keep to the people you have known for a long time. Do not go out of your way to meet people or make new friends. Do not have goals or a plan. Drift along the way you are doing now. Do not set yourself difficult objectives that you might not achieve. Go with the flow and see what happens. Never change your mind. Once you have a simple and clear view of the world, stick with it. Do not let new facts or opinions sway you. Stay firmly committed to what you know and brush aside uncomfortable ideas. Take very poor care of yourself. Drink a lot of alcohol, eat a lot of fatty foods, and get very little exercise.

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perfect anti life, very creative flow

I find this funny yet so true. Nice reverse-psychology. I have just broken out of the rat race myself. Time to really see our true potentials. Have a good one!

It's like a breath of fresh smog.

How to make Steem with the most boring comment:
Didn't waste my time reading this- as suggested.
Great content, check out mine.
I do this all the time.

Hey felixxx,
I love your comment (breaking my own rules here)
Keep up the great work
I will also give you a follow.


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thanks more.