Come on NBA!?!? What's your opinion?

in #craigrant5 years ago

Hey friends whats going on? Well I've been busy most of the at school and studying up on my cryptos that I thought it was time for a little break. How does that sound? Now for any major NBA fans like myself in here, I'm pretty sure you're going to guess what I'm about to ask. WTFFFF KD?!?!?!?! HAHAHA

Man I have no other way to put it, that was a weak move my friend! Haha it may be because I'm the biggest SPURS fan around that I'm a little salty here but damnn... didn't see that coming. Should this guy really have done this? Does the phrase, "If you wanna be the man, you gotta beat the man" not mean anything to this guy? Oh well, should be an interesting season either way. Would love to hear you all think about this. OneLove