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Be careful this women might be a scammer. Theres information her and her boyfriend Craig Grant have been making money selling her pictures to Africans by Western Union since 2004. She has tried to make money off of the suicide of Al Circelli who died after he sent all his money to a scammer using Avalos pictures. 20/20 who ran a story on the suicide interviewed Avalos twice the first time she came off like she was hiding something so they refilmed it. A radio talk show host named David Rosenblatt in his show Davin's Den exposes nigerian scams.

He discovered Craig Grant's facebook page that has him admitting to making money from her pictures and he is friends with some of these scammers on facebook. She was taking off the Match.com law suit because of the evidence. I am not trolling Avalos she has every right to use steemit but I think the users have a right to know her past. This post is a warning do not be scammed.
Links: http://www.davinsden.com/avalos/#!

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