Why This Crypto Ep:1 - Craig Grant (STEEM)🌐 [VIDEO]

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I've always enjoyed watching Craig Grants videos. His energy and the positive messages on crypto currency & family have always intrigued my interest. Craig is funny, witty and he has tons of quotables (not too sure if that's a word) lol. But I thought it'd be a cool idea to put together a few clips I found with some golden nuggets. Im actually heavily thinking about making this a series, so if anyone has an idea on who in the crypto world I should do next; let me know!!☺️ Hope you guys enjoy! Follow @craig-grant


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Funny thing. Love the video.
Craig is just surfing. He got me into steem actually and GM and bcc.
He is way ahead.


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Absolutely, the guy as a ton of knowledge. Thanks for commenting:)


I like his style and the info he provides... I got into steem after watching this also. Eth and Btc Ive been into for awhile but thanks to this vid, I'm excited about steem...

hahaha great video

Great video! Thanks!
Amanda B.Johnson & Boxmining & Crypto-investor!


Right on ^_^ thank you!

I like your style just tell it as is. Thanks


Hey no prob thanks for watching ^_^!

A great insight and inspiration

I'm sure you've herd of @champagnecrypto
This guy is a legend in my book. Thanks man.


@champagnecrypto I love him!


cool ill check it out!

Trevon james
kyle.anderson is a great friend of mine and he's got great things on his blog
jerry banfield
jeff berwick


Good call, but don't forget Amanda B.Johnson & Boxmining


Thanks got it! :)


that's not to say I don't think Berwick is always saying whats the truth but his ideas are always interesting, same for trev


Got it! Yeah I enjoy watching them as well:)

I'm new to steemit and already realized @craig-grant is pretty bad-ass. I followed him right away. I really appreciate his style of content. I also appreciate the fact that you are spreading the love. That is one thing I find great about the steemit community. Oh by the way... I upvoted and resteemed this great story.


hes one of the few reasons i joined!


Thanks for the great info in this video, love the logos you got going on as well!


really appreciate that!^_^!

Hey @vizualsamuri just followed you, great video and @craig-grant brings some nice value to steemit with the information and inspiration he post. Someone guys I would suggest you ho a video on is Brandon Kelly or Suppoman Udemy, another two are Crypto Trading Pro or Crypt0, all are on youtube, Thanx!


Awesome @dryan :) I'll keep than in mind!

thanks for sharing


Thank you for watching🙏🙏

Great info! keep up the good work!


Hey thanks:)!will do



The support of a true fan is the support we all need



Watching on a Friday night 🙌🏼

you also write very well mate Cheers


nice video..inspirational and witty


For sure! thanks for watching 🙏

Great post, Upvoted and followed.


Thanks Jason!

Drinking coffee + vaping + watching crypto videos = happiness!


Doesn't get any better than that! ^_^

Flippin' the script! AWSOME clips.


^_^ glad you enjoyed, thank you!

So true

Great little video Creaig! keep them coming! had been watching youur stuff for quite a while but for some reason never started following.. Why? I have no Idea ;)

Let's handle the future like samurai, with respect, with STEEMin matcha tea :)


Nice comment:) thank you

Very good post :))

hi there nice capture...
if you like me please visit me too
upvote my post :D

lol nice video :)


Thank you!😊

you the man. U got me interested in steem when it just started! good luck on the journey!