Why This Crypto Ep:1 - Craig Grant (STEEM)🌐 [VIDEO]

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I've always enjoyed watching Craig Grants videos. His energy and the positive messages on crypto currency & family have always intrigued my interest. Craig is funny, witty and he has tons of quotables (not too sure if that's a word) lol. But I thought it'd be a cool idea to put together a few clips I found with some golden nuggets. Im actually heavily thinking about making this a series, so if anyone has an idea on who in the crypto world I should do next; let me know!!☺️ Hope you guys enjoy! Follow @craig-grant


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Funny thing. Love the video.
Craig is just surfing. He got me into steem actually and GM and bcc.
He is way ahead.


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I like his style and the info he provides... I got into steem after watching this also. Eth and Btc Ive been into for awhile but thanks to this vid, I'm excited about steem...


Absolutely, the guy as a ton of knowledge. Thanks for commenting:)

hahaha great video

Great video! Thanks!
Amanda B.Johnson & Boxmining & Crypto-investor!


Right on ^_^ thank you!

I like your style just tell it as is. Thanks


Hey no prob thanks for watching ^_^!

A great insight and inspiration

I'm sure you've herd of @champagnecrypto
This guy is a legend in my book. Thanks man.


@champagnecrypto I love him!


cool ill check it out!

Trevon james
kyle.anderson is a great friend of mine and he's got great things on his blog
jerry banfield
jeff berwick


Good call, but don't forget Amanda B.Johnson & Boxmining


Thanks got it! :)


that's not to say I don't think Berwick is always saying whats the truth but his ideas are always interesting, same for trev


Got it! Yeah I enjoy watching them as well:)

I'm new to steemit and already realized @craig-grant is pretty bad-ass. I followed him right away. I really appreciate his style of content. I also appreciate the fact that you are spreading the love. That is one thing I find great about the steemit community. Oh by the way... I upvoted and resteemed this great story.


hes one of the few reasons i joined!

Thanks for the great info in this video, love the logos you got going on as well!


really appreciate that!^_^!

Great little video Creaig! keep them coming! had been watching youur stuff for quite a while but for some reason never started following.. Why? I have no Idea ;)

Let's handle the future like samurai, with respect, with STEEMin matcha tea :)


Nice comment:) thank you

Very good post :))

you also write very well mate Cheers



Hey @vizualsamuri just followed you, great video and @craig-grant brings some nice value to steemit with the information and inspiration he post. Someone guys I would suggest you ho a video on is Brandon Kelly or Suppoman Udemy, another two are Crypto Trading Pro or Crypt0, all are on youtube, Thanx!


Awesome @dryan :) I'll keep than in mind!

Watching on a Friday night 🙌🏼

lol nice video :)


Thank you!😊


nice video..inspirational and witty


For sure! thanks for watching 🙏

Great post, Upvoted and followed.


Thanks Jason!

Drinking coffee + vaping + watching crypto videos = happiness!


Doesn't get any better than that! ^_^

Flippin' the script! AWSOME clips.


^_^ glad you enjoyed, thank you!

Great info! keep up the good work!


Hey thanks:)!will do

thanks for sharing


Thank you for watching🙏🙏

hi there nice capture...
if you like me please visit me too
upvote my post :D

The support of a true fan is the support we all need



you the man. U got me interested in steem when it just started! good luck on the journey!