CBOTD: The CHEAPEST CRAFT BEER ... could actually be the nicest

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it's a can, Jim

CBOTD: Craft Beer of The Day

Welcome to another of my new segments on #craft beer, bought to you by the CRAFT token listed on BitShares for craft and real ale aficionados, brewers and suppliers.

Elegant and funky 'craft' designs and logos do not make a beer. A brewer (or brewery) makes a beer. Ever since the whole 'craft' thing exploded on the scene - as opposed to the well established 'real ales' industry of hundreds of years, there has been a proliferation of 'jumping on the bandwagon' by slapping some snazzy labels on whilst dry-hopping some crap beer then calling it the new craft. No further can this proliferation, spreading like a disease until people that aren't even drinkers think it's cool to get craft beer is the fact supermarket shelves now have a section dedicated to it. Most of what is there? Old supermarket ale and beer suppliers, who've suddenly dug up fairly rudimentary IPA, Pilsner, other Pale Ale varietals and given them colorful labels and some back story.

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So what would we expect, from the cheapest, lowliest, in-house major UK supermarket chain giving it a go, and daring to charge £1.25 for each 330ml can? Quite a surprise actually.

It's actually delicious. I had two, they didn't let me down. I tried the Milk Porter Stout also for £1.25 however didn't have the chance to get photos, separate review for that one coming up. It seems Asda have someone on the employee roster that has done a good job selecting a non-pretentious brewer in Bad Co, who've come up with a rocking little session IPA here with this 'American IPA'.

To remind you why we like craft over mass-produced, go carefully over the label here that you will not find on a Heineken or any other kind of mass-made lagers and beers under the so called 'German Purity Law' - reminder that's nonsense propaganda, all that says is beer is made of water and farm chaff, but not rotten rice or stale bread. Beer must be made with the most organic ingredients, the purest water of ideal hardness and Ph, activated by cleverly cultivated live yeasts, and be cared for in process to bottle, tap or can end to end. That's what makes a beer Crafted.

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Rating: 5/5

in fact top marks for being a major supermarket brand to come up with a proper, drinkable, 100% organic vegan craft IPA, and only charge £1.25 a can. It's got a lovely bite, slightly bitter then rolling in the mouth becomes warm and floral, as it also has a great bouquet of hops. Brilliant, I'm off to get a 4 pack.


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