Buy or sell - Sell or buy - (When) Thats the question! Limit ORDERS!

in #crach5 years ago

Hi all,

So what are your suggestions in this period? My thougts is that I would invest tomorrow - the market should have stopped panic selling by then - and we can get in at a really good price!?!

I think this image below can explain the Crypto Currency market at the moment =)


I sold some of my Ether and Bitcoin at 3500$ and 250$ and set a limit order on 3100$ and 210$

What do you guys think? Will I get some crypto currencies with my Limit s orders?

I think it can go either way - it's still just about 8 hours since China's news so it is still hard to know the full impact on the market.



Just brought another 1500 steem today on 1 dollar. I'm enjoying the shit storm and buying the good sales!

Hi Holm,

1$ Its a great price, good job!

I bougt yesterday at 1.10 dollar - I thougt the China ban of exchanges only was rumors so I hoped it would go up today, but ack so wrong one can have :)

Keep buyin mate!


1.10 is still great! As long as you brought low then all is good! It's a steal either way! Maybe it will drop even lower? My wallet it ready haha!

Haha, I am already all in so i hope it not falling anymore 😂

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