What is the difference between CPU VS GPU a small idea.

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CPU {central processing unit} and GPU {graphics processing unit}.

The Central Processing Unit (CPU) handles the physical and logical elements. The Pc chips render the display images
to monitor like hitboxes, logic, movement collision. But not all the chips are created same type. Intel's integrated graphics controller
provides basic graphics that can display only productivity applications such as powerpoint,low resulution video etc.

The Graphics Processing Unit(GPU) handles the visual elements and is a programmable and powerful computational device in its own right.
The graphics card determines how many polygons that can be displayed at a time.
This means that your computer has to show you 60 shaders, shadows, and objects every second, which can be quite demanding.
As an example, GPU’s are critical for bitcoin mining and is more important than the CPU, despite having nothing to do with visuals.

Finally, You could say the CPU is the brain and the GPU is the eyes or being enhanced by another part of the PC – the GPU (graphics processing unit), which is its soul. Your brain understands the world, how it functions, physics, etc. While your eye is creating the images, you see in the world.


nice information, Thanks for sharing.

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