Cowrium - Multidimensional Blockchain & Smart Contract Innovation driven by Cowrie

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The Cowrium project is developed to evolve the existing economy through blockchain technology. The development team is working to create a network that will provide liquidity and diversity of use for merchants and users.

The network will operate as a financial system for the entire economic system and will be combined into one Cownum Pay module, which will provide the following features:

  • deposit, withdrawal, performance payments,
  • loan CWR coins,
  • link or request Cowrium Pay Debit / Credit Cards to use with our ATMs,
  • POS Terminals or Card Readers located worldwide.

The Cowrium Network will create a management feature that will grant certain rights to those who own Masternode. Will be given the opportunity to vote, reject proposals, finance.

Cowrium is a Multidimensional Decentralized Blockchain Platform which will encourage the use of modern new technologies for successful development and enable people to conveniently use cryptocurrencies in their lives to pay for goods and services. A custom blockchain will be developed for the project to function that uses a 2Hops POW / POS consensus model along with a Smart Contract Library.

It will also develop a new cryptocurrency for mass use for as a global consumer-merchant payment.


The Cowrium Ecosystem

The Cowrium blockchain is an independent network that includes support for multicurrency architecture and inspired by multiple blockchains. The development of the platform is intended to make it as user-friendly and easy to use as possible, but it will also have wide functionality.

Cowrie cryptocurrency will allow you to transact through other cryptocurrencies and enable fast, inexpensive transactions.

Cowrium Platform Features

  1. Multicurrency ICO Platform, for receiving payments in ICOs by any cryptocurrencies.
  2. Multicurrency Payment System, will allow you to make payments with any coin through mobile applications and web apps of the Cowrium.
  3. Smart Contract Library, implements the 2-hop – Proof of Work vs. Proof of Stake -protocol.
  4. Atomic Swap, функція гаманця Cowrium, яка надасть можливість обмінюватися різними криптовалютами, without the need for outsiders.
  5. Cowrium’s Intelligent Pooling System, solves network congestion by prioritizing transactions to avoid delays.
  6. Hyperblock technology, will deliver high performance and scalability and compress transactions.
  7. Enterprise Private Contracts are for private users but can be verified publicly.
  8. Recurring & Scheduled Payments, will provide recurring payments and subscription payments through their wallets.

Cowrium Applications

The Cowrium platform has related applications:

  1. CowDEX – Decentralized Asset Exchange System
  2. Interoperability between the Conventional Ledger and the Old Legacy System (Banking) and the New Ledger (Blockchain)
  3. ErrandBoy 1.0. An application for transferring cryptocurrency or fiat money to any place in the world.
  4. Cowrie Stability Ai (Artificial Intelligence). A program for analyzing market information, calculations and forecasting cryptocurrency markets.

The Cowrium Masternode

Cowrium / Cowrie (CWR) cryptocurrency also has Masternode, which provides security, anonymity and speed in processing transactions and payments on the Cowrium network.
The Cowrium blockchain’s staking system provides annual fixed income for CWR owners.

The minimum amount to activate a Masternode – 10,000CWR.
The reward will be proportional to the collateral up to 100,000 CWR, by an increment of 10,000CWR.

Link to Cowrium Masternode:

AllocationFund Distribution


Fund Distribution

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Cowrium Roadmap




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