How are you spending your quarantine?

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Hey everyone, hope y'all are doing great! :D

With this Corona panic being spread throughout the world and everyone being forced to stay indoors since a couple of weeks, some people have really started getting bored.

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I find it really surprising that people get bored so easily and that they need some external stimulation every now and then to keep them distracted so they don't feel bored.

For me it's the complete opposite, I find even 24 hours to be not sufficient to do the things I do. I feel a day should've atleast been 36 hours long.

Coming to the topic, I'm curious to know what you guys have been doing during these times. We all have 24 hours absolutely free to do whatever we want (which we all secretly dreamed of having at some point in our lives.) and now that our wishes have been granted, let's find out some interesting ways in which people have been spending the quarantine.

I don't know how many of you will read the article and actually comment on this but yeah lets see...

Wanna know what I have been doing?

During the initial few days of the lockdown, I was planning the next one year growth of the company I work in, came up with some creative ideas of how this corona can be made use of to build a good brand image for the company, did some serious dig up about corona virus, planned my life ahead, also thought out how I want my life partner to be (the qualities I want her to have), I have been motivating some of my friends who are going on a negative mindset because of the virus, I've been educating people about eating healthy, I've been calling up some of my old friends whom I haven't spoken to in a while and building the connection back again, I've also been binge-watching YouTube videos and documentaries trying to learn as much as possible about the world that I would be stepping into, I've also been quite active on Instagram and have been interacting with my followers to keep them engaged and positive.

These are some of the things I have been doing to spend my time. Oh and not to forget, I've always started posting on Hive and I intend to stay active in here.

I would love to hear what you have been upto?

Do share in the comments below!


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