"the culling" ...

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it could be your dog btw ...

The planned slaughter of almost 100,000 mink after a coronavirus outbreak on a Spanish farm has renewed questions around Covid-19 and the transmission to animals.

not having pelt farms ... could have been an option


just what the doctor prescribed for salems lot around the world ... FEAR !

Some pet owners in China have fitted their dogs with tiny face masks, but Hong Kong's Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said there was no benefit to that, and it was probably fairly distressing. Animal rights groups warned that a bigger risk than the spread of the virus from animals to humans is the "spread of fear" causing owners to abandon their pets.

i will need anyone to steer clear or i shoot them away so they dont infect my cat

i think thats a more plausible attitude then


i think it needs to cull more humans ... the obvious problem here

let's start by culling all humans who have contracted it while ignoring common sense or refusing to wear a mask

lets cull them !

yes ofcourse, since we all like un-founded accusations and DEFINITELY to point fingers outwards i got one for ya, you love FEAR ?

goed , its in t Neederlandsch though (dutch)

Een strontvlieg zat op een stront
en vloog de kamer binnen
recht in je gezicht

so what are the chances ... there's no proof ... let's cull the planet like our name Kosh the Vorlon

just to be sure this humanity doesn't spread

i dont think the universe would like it