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Good to know you are taking measures to cope with the virus. From the experiences we have suffured in China, you can do your best to greatly reduce the chance from being infected by the virus. Such as stay home as much as possible, wash you hands each time back home, have good rest, avoid short distance contact with other people, check your body temperautre each day, etc.

One problem for me is that it seems many especially young guys in western world do not take the virus seriously, the ignorance of virus (some governments even take it as another type of flu) but too much focus on the self freedom may expose yourself to the damn virus, which is so easy to spread and catch you.

Google also offers "do the five" tips:

  1. Hands. Wash them often

  2. Elbow. Cough into it

  3. Face. Don't touch it

  4. Feet. Stay more than 3ft apart

  5. Feel sick? Stay home

So trust yourself and take mearsures scientifically, and do not expect to much from your government.

Wish everyone all the best.


Thank you @tumutanzi, We are in our house for the forseeable future now, we went out to a wholesale place today to load up on some of the things we will struggle getting while isolated.
Government is on about doing food hubs, this is a place where food will be given to a driver who will bring it to you house, and then you have to collect it from your door step.
Strange times, you can feel it everywhere you go, no one trusts anyone anymore. it is horrible.
The amount of fights that have broken out in shops is crazy too, People fighting over things like paracetamol, toilet paper and milk.
Can't beleive what we have been reduced too.
god bless you and take care.

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