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There are all kind of theories about Covid-19, where it started, how evolved, what can we do to fight with it, etc. All those theories are just that, theories.

I am here to tell you the truth about it, backed up with evidence 😂

We all heard that the virus came from a bat, well that is partial true, is easy to understand the confusion because of similarity but the truth is that virus came from Batman!!!

Batman sneezed and infected the world. Ok you might say, but how Batman got the virus?

We all know Batman fought with Superman at North Pole. Well in that fight, Superman shoot laser rays with his eye in the fight, and when he missed the target he was in fact melting the ice around. Can you see the connection? When he melted the ice he was released and ancient alien virus from the ice. We heard stories about how climate changes is melting the ice from North Pole and could release deadly viruses. Well that came to reality quicker that we expected because Superman melted the ice.

Now how the virus got at North Pole in first place? We see it in a lot of movies that UFO can be burried in ice, but if you don't believe in movies there are actual evidences you can google and find out yourself:

  • in 1990 a mummy of a man was found in ice
  • in 2010 a Mammoth found in Siberia after 39000 years

You might say, ok pixaroma but all those things are dead, living creatures can not live in ice.
Well, you are wrong, in 2017 has been discovered living bacteria in polar ice.

How the alien virus got on Earth?

Some theories are:

  • came as passagers on asteroids or meteorites
  • aliens planted animals like dinosaurs on earth and those animals got the virus but for them was not deadly, or was it? that might explain how they disappeared.
  • mayan population prayed to ancient gods or aliens and they got it from that God and that why they disappeared

We all know the name SARS-COV-2 also know as Covid-19, but what is the meaning?
SARS-COV-2 is in fact an agency that fight with aliens like M.I.B. or SHIELD and it stands for Spatial Agency & Race Security - Contagious Old Virus and 2 comes from second coming since is not the first time appearance on Earth.

Now please don't blame Superman or Batman for the virus, it was an accident and could have happened to any superhero like Cyclop from X-Men or a ship could have landed and melt the ice, or eventually global warming will do that.

We all heard it came from China, but Batman is not Chinese, so how that happened?
After the fight, Batman had some damages to his suit and he need it to replace it, and we all know China is full with factories, and that piece of equipment was in fact build in China. So he flew after the fight from North Pole to China and that is how pandemic has started.

So what we know so far? The virus was released by accident at North Pole when Superman used his laser eyes, and the ice was melted, Batman caught that virus, and when he came to China he became pacient 0 in this pandemic.

If you watch Batwoman you know that Batman is missing and nobody knows what happened. The truth is that Batman found out about the virus and decided to Isolate himself away from people.

Now we don't know what future bring but here are some theories:

  • virus will disappear suddenly
  • we live in a virtual reality and the virus is just a bug
  • there is no virus
  • one word 5G
  • Bill Gates
  • virus will evolve in a new kind of creature
  • but if we look at the latest movies I think we can find the answer. Remember Avengers movie? When Thanos killed half of population? That is what is happening now, virus will kill half of population, then people will get immune, then virus will evolve and take control of the remaining population. So will be like remaining humans fighting with aliens for the Earth. Humans with virus will become an entire new species and it will conquer the world. Will be much more smarter, it will adapt quickly, will be stronger. I guess we could consider it as the ultimate villain.

Evidence that the virus came from space:

  • is round like a sphere, we all know that planets are round, same is with the virus.
  • on the sphere it have some little extensions that look like the ears of Shrek and ears of the alien creatures.
  • is very powerful, we all know that powerful creatures came from space just like Superman that came from space, and it multiply faster then rabbits, and don't need a female to multiply. Is just like on alien movies where the alien use the human body as a host.

How we can fight with this virus? What is the kryptonite that could kill it?
Luckily we have a material on Earth that could kill it. The material is SOAP that stands for Space Optimum Alien Protection. We have it for a while on Earth and you can find it in any house now.

The End

As you know I am not so good at writing, most of the time I just post some photos and add details about the shot. Also I learned English a few years ago so is harder to express in English.

Today I was in the mood to draw something so I used my tablet Samsung Tab S6 and tried to find something to draw related to this situation with the virus. I got all kind of ideas and as I was drawing an entire story with sci-fi elements and real facts pop out in mind. So I decided to write it down.

This is a fictive story based on real facts
I hope you like it 🙂



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