3 months since we've been aware of this novel coronavirus

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The world in Canada at least as we know it has changed. Fewer items in shops. Jobs lost, many people with office jobs working from home, luckily myself included. Unprecedented claims for unemployment benefits, the launching of effectively temporary universal basic income, social distancing, and fear.

The numbers for Canada are 4,760 confirmed cases, 56 deaths and 345 recovered of the resolved cases. Canada is doing well for a country of 38 million people ish, per google.


Seeing the exponential growth of cases and deaths outside China has served as a wake-up call for the world to manage this virus as soon as possible. Japan and Sweden are still not listening, Japan have barely tested anyone due to wanting to host the Olympics and Sweden are looking to have herd immunity, which didn't work in the Uk or the Netherlands.

There are almost 600k cases as of now 00:12 am EDT on 28th March 2020.
27,761 deaths, and more disclosed deaths in individual countries outside China than in China.

The main thing I'm scared about is that China is portraying having the virus under control now after a few months, but if they are lying or go back to normal too soon, we could be in for many many months or even a year of chaos worldwide.

Furthermore, my nearest neighbour country is run by many politicians with weird agendas. If all we have to do is stay home for a month and this identifies all the cases, hospitalises them and stops the spread, that'd be fantastic.

I hope a miracle vaccine is tested, declared safe and given out to the population of the world and we can be rid of this virus fast or hot weather kills its spread but I'm not optimistic about either. If a vaccine is introduced too soon and has terrible side effects it could cause even worse chaos.

Some people are talking of us returning to work and normality in Canada in a few weeks, around Easter, I think these people are a bit deluded but I hope I am wrong.

To end this post, I am delighted for Boeing (-59.36% share price from 52 week highs) who's misdeads for greed murdered hundreds of people to death last year
If Boeing went bankrupt, there may be fewer evil companies in the world.


Air travel and cruise ships travel may never be the same again after this clears up.

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