Americans are just determined to deny that they have been taken for a wild ride for the profits of the richest people.

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If you are healthy, wearing a mask is not helping anyone. Ninety percent of Americans are wearing masks for no valid scientific reason, besides being included in the infected class of people, incorrectly.

If you want to see how well masks really work, just wear a mask outside in very cold weather and look at the cloud of moisture from your breath. This is how people who can think for themselves know that masks do not work very well at preventing the transmission of viruses in our breath, despite the models that predict that they do.

The actual results of the spread of the virus show clearly that the economic shutdown, social distancing, and wearing masks failed to prevent the spread of the virus, and if you remember, this was clearly stated. It was all only meant to SLOW the spread of the virus.

90% of Americans remain uninfected.

99.85% of Americans have survived the virus so far, according to the CDC.

The CDC includes presumed deaths and provisional deaths with their confirmed deaths in their count of COVID deaths, which doubles the count of deaths. In the UK, they only post the confirmed COVID deaths.

If you wear a tighter weave mask or two masks, more of your breath goes around the mask instead of through it. That’s all that happens.

Complete astronaut suits are what they use in virus labs to prevent getting infected.

Doctors, nurses, and cashiers on the front lines benefit from wearing masks.

But, again, masks are really about interfering with the direct breath or spray of saliva, etc. from one person to another, but the air in the room still gets contaminated with the virus in the moisture from breathing. This settles on surfaces.

If people who are sick wear masks, this helps to reduce the spread of the virus to a great extent, but it is not at all a 100% kind of deal.

If you are in the same room as a person with the virus, you can get the virus whether masks are worn or not.

We are continuing to add 2021 COVID deaths to the 2020 count. But, for the flu, we don’t do this.

360,000 Americans died from the flu in the last ten years.
In the 1968-69 flu season, 100,000 Americans died from the flu out of about 200 million Americans. That’s a mortality rate of 0.05%.

Using the confirmed COVID deaths (only) in the US, the mortality rate (deaths/population) is about 0.07%.

That helps to show how exaggerated the news on TV is about COVID. That’s because Bill Gates funds the COVID news on TV and he is selling Moderna and Pfizer vaccines. He also funds the WHO and the CDC, etc.

So what we are really getting on TV is advertising for Bill Gates vaccines, even though 99.93% of Americans survived COVID (using just the confirmed deaths) without a vaccine, and we now know that non-vaccine treatments for the flu and COVID are effective.