Quarantine Day 20

in #covid193 years ago

Photo by Artiom Vallat on Unsplash

I can look out the window and see the buds greening on my unruly lilac. My tulips that were supposed to be daffodils are adding color to another area of the front yard despite still lacking flowers. And the grass is greening, a stark contrast to the carpet of white visible almost the entire winter this year. I’ve got the company of plants and seedlings and my sidekicks, my family, Rob and little Arya.

A people person hidden away from people… at least the speed of spring is given the time for real progress here at home with this quarantine. The 14 raised garden beds built and filled in record time. The chicken coop getting closer and closer to completion each day. And holes, dozens of holes dug in the soft spring soil just waiting for all those plants to ship. Lots to do but lots of waiting and wondering what the future holds too. Will it go back to “normal” or will our lives be forever changed?

Do you feel it? Like you're in a holding pattern, holding out for the gates to open so you can begin? Begin what? What is this pandemic, this “stay-at-home order” holding you back from? And what are you getting done in the meantime?

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