Should I be documenting this historic time?

in #covid194 years ago

I saw someone suggest that parents should encourage their kids to keep a journal through the quarantine as this is a truly historic event. But I wonder, what value are journals in the internet age? Everyone is so very Zen now, so in the moment, they are constantly reading the latest tweet, who has time to read what some old or dead person wrote?

I do not know. I do know that i have a lot of time on my hands right now, and I see something a little troubling and want to just sort of process it by writing.

Idaho's COVID19 outbreak began in Sun Valley. Most of Idaho is wide open spaces and rough and tumble people. There is the Boise valley where we keep all our city folk penned up 5 days a week and we have Sun Valley. The Boise folk are a pain in our ass all weekend all summer but they give us things like hospitals and universities so we consider it a symbiotic relationship, they are the parasites we feed. Sun Valley is a scourge on our fair state, where rich assholes come to ski and play and where the riff-raff that serve them are forced to live in nearby Ketchum. There in the middle of our mountains, they built a runway that can handle a 747 for the Green Elite to fly in, avoiding the inconvenience of using the airport in Boise, 2 hours away. How DROLL....

Boise people like to go to Sun Valley too. It is a nice ski resort, and those city folk love to go star spotting. So the Hollywood harlots brought their 747s full of infected assholes to Idaho and then mixed and mingled their germwads with our pet city folk who are now starting to come down with COVID19. Us country folk felt bad for our city folk, that was shitty of those harlots to do that.

All that would be of little concern to us country folk except that those city folk do not JUST go to Sun Valley. They like to go ALL OVER these mountains, and some of us live here. And some of US are starting to get sick. We did not go anywhere, we did not really care about the restrictions. That is how we live. We did not rush out and stock up, that is how we live. About 2 days after those city folk bought up all the TP in the entire Boise valley, they started raiding our little markets. Us country folk do not appreciate that much.

Then those city folk decided to run to the mountains to get away from... the virus they were carrying. They came and played at all the lovely places these mountains offer, and then brought their germy ass into our stores and restaurants and started making US sick. Us country folk do not appreciate that much.

Some of those city folk bought land up here, some even called it their "bug out property" but now that the bug is here, the locals want them to stay the fuck out. I am not kidding.

So... I do not know where this is headed. Trump just said another MONTH and people's nerves are already getting frayed. I just got word there was a shoot out in the little mountain town just west of McCall. I wonder if this is it already? Did some dumb ass city person decide to "corona cough" on a local? Because us country folk do not appreciate that much.

Probably not, it is still mostly cordial. But these do seem to be historic times, maybe I should be documenting my experience. I don't know.


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