Covid19 Conspiracy Theories | Where did the virus originate.

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Horse shoe bat? Wuhan wet market? Wuhan virology lab? Chinese bio-weapon? 5G? Aliens? Bill Gates? Choose your bets!

With 'wild wild theories' flying around about the origins of coronavirus, lets takes a closer look.

Horseshoe bat?

There is no known place of hive of horseshoe bat in Wuhan. The nearest reported hive of this bat is around six hundred miles radius from the Covid-19 ground zero. That's in South China where dark cave and mountains are located which is a natural habitat of horseshoe bats. Therefore, Covid-19 doesn't transmit from horseshoe bat to human.

Wuhan wet market?

​​​​Bats is not a staple food for the local and no horseshoe bats is being sold there. Furthermore, the first case of CoVid19 never go in the Wuhan exotic market along with most of the patient. Therefore, CoVid19 is not originated in Wuhan market.

Suspected place where covid19 originated?

There are this conspiracy theory where this virus came from this are as follows;

Wuhan virology lab
Chinese bio-weapon
5G Network
Bill Gates

From the five choices above, place your bet and explain in a very brief summary why do you think it is where a covid19 pandemic originates.

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