coronavirus and human evolution

in #covid19last year (edited)

i would like to find somewhere any reference in the geological ,taxonomic, zoological ,paleontologic or kingdom of life record which could link causality from viral infection with evolution of new species. either sub or dominant prime.
it came to me on a night of contemplation , that this coronavirus pandemic could be a fulcrum point for a new subspecies of human.
in reference to the absorbtion of neanderthal man into homo sapiens, rather than the extinction of same.
any microbiological survivor would have antibody corpuscular resistance , yes.
i ask , suggest, this may be a time for a new human. not homosuperior , as that step is yet to come.
more a homoecopae.
i name this subspecies as i see the route to survival as only having one possible solution.
so if enough virus (rna) has an effect on a sigle side of dna , forcing a sacrificial cell duplication.
one survives , contaminated and adjusted.
the other explodes for viral procreation.
when the two side of dna , through mating therefore a baby, meet in union. with one party having sigular rna, the other party matching in uniformity. the dna ends up with 2 rna strands inserted into the helix. adaption.
to me that is evolution.

i work on the pretext that gaia is fighting back from the greed and pollution from the current homosapien pogrom.
where the planet is just an unending re-source of material with no cost or consequence of these self enforced actions.
ignorance and arrogance exemplified and celebrated as a positive traite.
to return to the previous normal will escalate the current virus maybe even generate a more virulent drivative.

the survivers will have an idea that only by becoming harmonious with the ecosphere we live in, will the pressure ease , the drivers for the pathogen are deminished.
be empathetic to the finely tuned biosphere.
become homoecopea.
we are all a part of gaia not apart.
shitting in your own nest will always lead to disease.