Covid-19 Response - Justin Sun practices exceptional social media "social distancing" by blocking people with contrary opinions

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Dr. Robert R. Redfield, head of the CDC, recently heaped tons of praise on @justinsunsteemit for his unprecedented moves to sanitize his social media feed by blocking all opposing voices.

"The COVID-19 Pandemic is not something to be treated as some kind of joke. People are dying, and it's important that everyone do their part, both in the physical world and on social media, to disinfect every surface they can. We've been trying to spread the word on "Social Distancing" through every media outlet we can. Justin has taken the extraordinary measure of blocking every opposing voice on Twitter. We commend him and his actions and hope that others will follow suit. By taking such drastic actions we think he's saved his 10s of real followers from online transmission of COVID-19 or from hearing opposing views."


You can add your name to the list of blocked accounts by participating in this twitter thread by real life action hero @theycallmedan:

Amazingly enough Justin did not just stop at people who are critiquing his choices but blindly blocked everyone that commented at all. Note how even Tron Vader, the Tron community member and investor in Tron has been blocked as well.


Justin is escalating his COVID-19 safety and dissonant voice squashing campaign even further by bringing the campaign to highways for all passerbys to consider.


When asked about taking these drastic and potentially life saving steps Justin replied "I just didn't want to hear or see any more criticism." Humble words from a man leading the charge to destroy online transmission of COVID-19 and helping to reduce the noise from people who question his choices as they negatively impact thousands of people.

We asked consensus witnesses @hunger365, @paintingclub, @flyingfly1, @eastooowest, @jumphigh, @coronashallgo, @aheadofslow, @night11pm, @toke2049 for their statements on the situation, but thus far have heard nothing back from them.


LOL .... good one!

I think someone needs to create a "Justin Blocked Me!" community badge...

That will be really cool!!

I'd wear my Blocked badge with honor. Can someone make one for Steampeak?

Sadly the justin sun school of 'positive thinking' and 'quelling dissent' is also present in the hive group on discord. Denial is the real epidemic.

I haven't been very active on Twitter, let me go and pay him a visit. Anyone got a message they want me to pass on? Feel free to let me know

lol, we in Europe (Austria) are already under complete shutdown and curfew, did not except such drastic measures here, but necessary, stay SAFU :)

I lost a lot of money with the tron

@aggroed, i suppose other than these useless jokes. Perhaps as top witnesses, you can suggest something more helpful?

lol. Very good. It seems people really are losing it while others are using it. Good to see a major investor in Steemit has such a fantastic commitment to free speech and freedom of information.

Meanwhile information about potential preventative treatments for COVID19 seem inexplicably absent. I wonder why.

This was funny @aggroed !!! I hope this is real instance though. You seem damn angry and disgusted with Justin, I feel you should cool down.

And we should work for Steem's betterment, than Justin Sun against. You know even I wrote article on Trump using Justin Sun tactics(: to pump stock market, anyway...

This article of yours is funny...

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