Surface transmission of COVID much lower than initially suggested.

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We used to be told COVID-19 was all about touching infected surfaces and then touching our faces (eyes, nose and mouth). Now, the experts say that was all wrong, but they never ever apologize.

The important takeaway from this flip-slop is that many very damaging restrictions imposed on us by bullying Governors' were based on the advice of "the experts" that touching was the main danger, so we could not do this or go there. We wore gloves for grocery shopping - not masks. That was following the trendy expert scientific advice of the time. Some people even sprayed their packages with Lysol or alcohol.

"But in the past few months, scientists have converged on a theory of how this disease travels: via air. The disease typically spreads among people through large droplets expelled in sneezes and coughs, or through smaller aerosolized droplets, as from conversations, during which saliva spray can linger in the air.
Surface transmission—from touching doorknobs, mail, food-delivery packages, and subways poles—seems quite rare."

If "scientists have now converged on" the correct theory, at last, then it's time to use that flip-flop to reconsider and repeal all the many rules and regulations that were based on the once fashionable hand-to-face transmission theory.

Is it true, for example, that we can't ever again shake hands - even if we're both wearing effective masks?

Why not? If this virus is mostly airborne like all other respiratory epidemics then there's no great risk in shaking hands if you both keep hand sanitizer or alcohol wipes handy. Either the first consensus was right and we don't need masks or the second consensus if right and we don't need gloves.

If the airborne theory wins, then we can safely shake hands and swing dance (someplace other that The Hygiene Theater).

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