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We are blessed to have the technology while we are on lockdown or quarantine because of this pandemic we have been experiencing. Should we have lived a hundred years ago, being quarantined would be twice or thrice as challenging as it is.

We are able to get in touch with people we care about via video conferencing. We do not simply hear their voices, or read what they have to say, but we are able to see them live, real time.

Reunions and getting together is done virtually. Even witnessing weddings and funerals are now done virtually.

I say that is way better than nothing at all.

This pandemic situation has brought us far apart, being quarantined and all, but i guess it also brought us together, being connected with each other more than ever.

I guess this is the new normal for now. Spirtual gatherings are done virtually, as a precautionary protocol set by the government. We abide by those protocol since it is for the good of everyone. Health is at stake.

So, I still get to enjoy the company of my sisters and brothers in faith twice a week on our zoom meetings. Plus, what is nice about virtual meetings is that the company is not limited to an area. Now, we are able to join brothers and sisters in faith, relatives and friends from all over the world. Although we are not able to hug and send high fives in person, we are still able to wave and send thumbs up to them. Virtual hugs and kisses.

How have you been catching up? Have you attended any virtual conference or meeting lately?


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