I'm in the "stay away from me" camp here

in #covid2 months ago (edited)

until its more clear ...

yea maybe

but im not tired of "it"

and "it" is not tired of you

internet people obviously stay away from me ...

gatlanders might be a problem

just to avoid unpleasantries en flikkenbellerij

want ik ken a al een betjen

and thus

people in the field

as we "the broke bum with no degrees" said yesterday :

it will show better by february, definitely by easter


enjoy the wait , ... everyone's free to do as long as they dont do someone else imo

i choose NOT TO, since i sitll have shit to do after gatland stole my future

so im gonna have to see this through

and i cant really have protozoans being brave over safe in my face


thanks for your understanding

yea ...

Im just trying to avoid unpleasantries by benidorm bastards who dont care anymore since the world is dead and they wont live 40 years from now and bravehearted protozoans who dont want it to rule their life, while at the same time trying to rule mine.

In a way that's as respectful as what i have been receiving when it still could have mattered

in a language understandable to the natives in the most polite way available in the gravelpits

thanks for your consideration


ja, back to the website ..

LUKE, i am not your father , nor your saviour ... at the very best id like to see humankind suffer twice what i did before it falls into a pit ... sadly im not god enough to make that happen ...

so you're in luck

this IS me being polite and positive, i dont believe for one second, as i didnt in 2020, that this "will go away" , i also dont believe you can censor am moving train or just smile at it and be positive, if you stand there it will run you over and thats that ...

north-west european style ... uncle Vlad seems to understand part of it if i hear some parts of his speeching, so the russians must have it too ... the survival bit set to 1 i.o. zero

and thus


i DO believe there's still a chance ill get out of hell here and wont have to rot my corpse in the same mud the kids in ypres ghosts can live forever


SO yea, im positive

but i cant have YOU considering freedom to be the freedom to curb mine


met je gatverstand

over and out

you could just watch the videos

they're shiney

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