Fun Facts Photos on COVID

in #covidlast year (edited)

To prevent from stressing out from the Conora outbreak.
I love looking at the videos and photos on Facebook about the lockdown results and the homemade mask.
It´s a way of forgetting the danger out of it.

I hope you don´t misunderstand why I want to copy and paste the pictures here with you.
I understand why the HUMOR exists in this serious situation because FEAR is there too. Humor like funny pics can help people bring us together and understand that we are in the same scenario. Not unless photos from the things that are too serious to joke about like death and those that are infected in COVID and make funny videos of that. Then it will not be funny, I don´t like that joke at all if you understand what I mean.






Skjermbilde 2020-04-04 kl. 14.36.51.png

Anyway, I like this DIY mask on youtube. Some are useful.

I hope you enjoyed the photos I shared. I found them in google photos
Have a wonderful stay home weekend.