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There was a time in the early part of the year that all the boys in my care, and all the other staff in the house got completely knocked out by a virus. I remember lying in bed for days hardly able to move. I have a suspicion it was not just a coincidental occurrence.

I'm still taking precautions, as I'm technically an essential 'healthcare' worker, working with people who need supported living. I have to set the example for the sake of the business I work for and its reputation in the community.


We were really sick in January and so were a lot of people I know. I was sick for 9 days, felt better for 3 and it hit me again.

Several people I know went to the hospital and tested negative for Flu. At first people thought it wasn't possible, but now that they are testing for antibodies, they are more inclined to think it might have circulated earlier than we knew.

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