What will change and possibly happen from COVID 19 ?

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Since I last posted a blog some reality has changed as many States are planning to lift lock downs, and stay at home quarantine directives.

In Missouri where I live currently the cases have reached 10,789 confirmed cases , and 594 deaths.

In the entire United States of America the cases have reached 1.54 million, and 90,694 deaths.

Worldwide cases have reached 4.70 million, and 318,000 deaths.


In the current news headlines our President Donald Trump admitted today to taking an unproven possible treatment called Hydroxychloroquine.

A possible vaccine called Moderna is showing signs against the Covid 19.

Many States are planning on re opening business and the economy.


Sports that had been closed completely but currently are planning on re-opening.

There may be less fans in the stands, and a lot of rules and regulations to live events.

Entire seasons for some sports will have to be thought out and possibly modified.

However most sports are announcing re-opening towards June 1st 2020.


Employment in America also has hit an issue in some States as unemployment hit as high as 30 percent or more.

In January 2020 the unemployment rate in most places stood around 3 to 4 percent.

It is estimated that the rate could hit 25 percent or hang around that number even as business and the economy gets rolling again.

It is estimated that around 30 million people filed for unemployment and this has been the highest percent of unemployment since World War 2, and possibly the Great Depression.

Changes in business due to the HEALTH of the PEOPLE:

Covid 19 may change how our economy works forever.

Many companies are planning on leaving employees at home, and giving up office space.

In New York City there is talk of changing some of this space to living space.

Companies may have to continue to offer curb side pick ups, deliveries, and offer customers more online services.

Mask, and other PPE may become the normal for many employees and companies.

People may consider trips, traveling, and everyday errands more, and people may spend more time in homes or with close family and friends.

Companies may keep restrictions on how many customers are allowed in the business, and expect companies to do more training on cleaning and disinfecting.

Companies posting signs about social distancing, wearing mask or other PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) may become more of a normal thing.

Some companies and parts of the economy may close or go out of business forever.

The question has many experts guessing what impact COVID 19 really had, what did it really do to the economy, and what it may still impact as talks of the virus re emerging, and cases climbing.


In some hard hit places like ITALY whom was hit severely hard it seems the VIRUS has lifted some or all of the grip it had on that country.

In this country 226.000 cases confirmed , and 32.007 deaths from the Virus.

After 2 months most of the country is back in business as of May 2020.

Parts of the USA hit hard are also seeing better days one of the Cities and States that got hit hard was NEW YORK, hitting 350,000 confirmed cases, and 15.786 deaths.

The news seems to be leading to the decline in the VIRUS however opening up the Country seems to be raising the cases, hopefully this will be a temporary set back and we will see the Virus numbers decline.


From my family I want to thank everyone who has helped a person in need, or reached out to others in this time of need. To all of the health care workers, and people who worked through the worst parts of the COVID 19 epidemic.

One thing it has shown is that we humans are capable of love, understanding, compassion, and I truly pray that we all learn from this and let it change how we see one another.



I fear that the most likely result of the pandemic is that our government will determine that people need greater monitoring and that we need tighter regulation on our actions.

That could be true saw a story a few days ago where a company was micro chipping employees and in foreign countries they are starting to do that!