CCPV19 in Ontario

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Think about this for a moment,

As of today, August 30, 2020 11:00 am (from January 14, 2020 onward)


41,935 confirmed cases (0.14%) (21,922 May 14)
Tests completed 2,916,275

Intensive care: 1,036 cases (633 May 14)
Hospitalization: 4,858 cases (2,779 May 14)
Deaths: 2,809 cases (6.69%) (1,825 May 14)

Total serious cases requiring hospitalization: 5,894 out of 41,935 (14.1%) (concerning is 2,809 deaths of 5,894 hospitalized) mostly seniors (May 14 cases over 60 - 68.8%)

Outbreaks in LTCH: 411
Outbreaks in Retirement homes: 183
Outbreaks in Hospital: 99 (492 hospitals)

For comparison only,

Influenza A causes about 12,200 hospitalizations and 3,500 deaths in Canada each year. The influenza A outbreaks caused 219 hospitalizations, 103 cases of pneumonia and 60 deaths according to Government statistics.

In 2016, there were approximately 35,972 vehicle accidents on Ontario alone – with just under 500 deaths involved. Seniors citizen (65+) was by far the largest age group of traffic fatalities with a total of 446 deaths, the next being ages 25 to 35, with a total of 321 deaths.

Cardiovascular diseases caused 26,012 deaths in Ontario in 2015 (IntelliHEALTH). Approximately 900% of the number of people who have died from "covid-19" in 2020.

2019 Overdose deaths in Ontario 1,507 and ED visits / hospitalized 11,413. Approximately 45% of the number of people who died from "covid-19" in 2020.

No stats available for Canada, so we have to go with the US figures. "The list price of a COVID-19 diagnostic test varies widely depending on the hospital, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation analysis released Wednesday. It found that large facilities nationwide charge between US$20 and $850 for each test, not including the cost of the provider visit, facility fee or other services".

Estimating Ontario's cost at $58,325,500 US (minimum) or $76,396,781.29 Canadian (minimum) netting 0.14% positive results. ($10,695,549.38 Canadian minimum of the amount spent on positive results).