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I am married to a "front line RN" who has worked in direct patient care of COVID patients. When this all started, we were pretty rattled. It is a scary thing, watching your spouse leave for work knowing that if he ends up testing postive he will not come home, maybe ever. All the videos of people dropping dead in the street, the victims dying alone in hospitals without one last touch of a loving hand... It was "heroic" for the medical professionals to show up to work each day at the start of this.

Now, over a year on, the medical professionals are fooked. They are either totally brainwashed and scared shitless of their own shadow now, or they have realized it is basically the flu, and not even a terribly scary version. So what does an ethical person do?

The hospitals will close down if every suspicious professional walks out. In a tiny, rural hospital like my spouse works at, that means nowhere to deliver babies, nowhere to get treated for your heart attack or stroke, nowhere to be stabilized after your car wreck... It is not really ethical in the bigger picture.

So what COULD a nurse do? One who realized the media is lying through their teeth, that the government wants us all shaking with fear? Well, they COULD make a TikTok video and SHOW everyone the empty hospital. Of course, the public might take that wrong and heap scorn and derision on them. But at least they know they tried, they did what they could.

There are people saying the nurses and doctors are going to be tried for violating the Nuremberg Code with this vaccine nonsense but...

  1. The Nuremberg Code was never made law in any nation on earth, not even Germany. It was "virtue signalling" before virtue signalling became a thing. Pretty words on paper to calm the public's war-weary nerves. It was not even adopted as part of a code of ethics for any medical association. And...
  2. The Nazi victims were FORCED into the "treatments" and people today are lying, cheating and stealing to try to get their vaccine, happily cutting line in front of Granny to get it. They are given a consent form to READ and sign and they REFUSE to read it. They want their magic shot, dammit, and they want it NOW.

So... if I have a point to make, this is it: YOU OWN YOUR BODY. Whatever you decide to do or not do, it is up to you but the instant you start trying to demand ANYONE else do ANYTHING against their will, YOU become a tyrant and an asshole.

Attached are a couple pictures from my Surgical Assistant course textbook regarding masks.




So nice to "read" you ;-) Big hug and greetings form the Seven Mountains in Germany.

Hello!! I wondered if any old friends were still around! So great to see you and your husband! Longsilver says "Hello" - he hopes to get blogging again soon.

He's going to get blogging again soon what about you?'s like once every six months or something you

Both of us intend to... Life is a bit nuts. We have our granddaughters 4 days a week, and he was recently diagnosed with scoliosis and at just over a year to his planned retirement, we are looking at putting him on disability and selling the farm, it is just getting worse that fast. But it is good to see you still here!!

Wow, sorry to hear that. I know you love being out in that beautiful landscape and those wonderful sunrises and sunsets. Was it something they missed, like a mild case when he was younger or is it age related degenerative?

Degenerative. We are not giving up hope yet, but so far physical therapy is not helping much.

A few years back I went to the doctor because my back was always sore after waking up in the morning. He said I had some minor age related degenerative bone issues. Of course nothing on the scale your husband is going through but a few years back my kids bought me an electric blanket for Christmas and I was quite surprised how much it helped keeping my back from getting sore. A lot of times if I slept more than five or six hours at a time and I could wake up with quite a backache. I just wanted the blanket to heat up my bed before I went to bed so I put it under my sheet to warm the bed up and it ended up having a secondary benefit.

That is an outstanding idea, he always says he cannot tolerate his back getting cold. Thanks! Hope you continue to do well, and I hope it helps him. He wound up asking his doctor for Rx pain pills, something he NEVER takes.
And fun little side note... That comment I made to you, here on my page with my screen name and his, no real names... less than 24 hours after I said that to you, HE got a phone call from some company offering to help him get on disability... The fuckers track our every move, every where.

I went for a mammagram today, the lady asked me if I had gotten a vaccine yet, I told her I was in the placebo group. lol.

LOL! Love it!

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