That's one risk I'm not willing to take

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I have no plans to get the Covid "jab". Not unless it looks necessary, and has been shown to be safe, in 20 years or so. Then we can discuss it.

I would rather not catch Covid and die-- or have lasting effects.
I would rather not get "the jab" and have a reaction and die-- or have lasting effects.

But, for some reason, and I know it's not rational, I would rather take my chances with the virus.

At this point, I would feel dumber for getting "the jab" and having a bad reaction (since I feel it's something I shouldn't do) than if I caught the virus naturally (assuming there's anything natural about this virus). 

I was exposed, intensely, several times during the first year of the virus. Now, I feel (and I could be wrong) that I either had some natural genetic immunity to it or caught Covid and didn't know and developed some immunity that way. I have seen nothing to convince me that immunity (if any) conferred by "the jab" is superior to natural immunity.

I'm not the slightest bit worried about catching Covid, and certainly not of catching it and having a serious problem from it. The only person I know personally with lingering ill-effects from Covid has never been what I would consider a healthy person. And I know others, personally, who caught it and recovered with no ill effects even though they were riddled with co-morbidities.

If I got "the jab" now and had a bad reaction it would feel like I took an unnecessary risk. A dumb risk. Almost like I was asking for trouble.

Why fiddle with what seems to have worked? If it ain't broke, don't "fix" it.


A friend-of-a-friend in California (I'm making an educated guess that she's a radical left-statist) is still so terrified of Covid that she won't stop masking, has been fully "jabbed", still avoids people, and is skipping an important (to her) memorial service (a Covid-delayed funeral) due to her terror. 

If you ask me-- and you didn't-- this is evidence of psychological abuse. Who is to blame? Politicians, her politics, the media she consumes, society, or some combination? 

I wish someone had the guts to try to deprogram her and give her back her life. If I knew her, I would try. But sometimes you get what you v*te for.


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You sound rational to me. There are, and have always been, effective treatments for covid, a great many of which you can make in your own kitchen, even HCQ.

Those who are still masking have been deeply, psychologically damaged. Imagine what has happened to many of our children.

I maintain that severe covid IS vaccine injury in the first place. We've pumped the bodies of the chronically ill and elderly persons so full of vaccines to fight common respiratory illnesses, that those bodies no longer have defenses of their own to heal from common respiratory illnesses. If only the WHO (which is now supposedly looking more closely for the origins. HA) would compile the readily available data on the vaccination histories of patients with severe cases of covid, we could end this nonsense.

I have followed none of the suggested measures and have not gotten sick at all, nor have any of those who dared to consort with me, smiles visible and hugs all around, or any of the people they consorted freely with.

Stop going to western medical doctors unless your life is in danger, and perhaps not even then.

I haven't gotten it yet. If I do get it, I'm leaning towards seeking out the slightly harder to find Johnson and Johnson variety. As I understand it, it is created in a similar manner to the flu vaccine. The still experimental mRNA vaccines worry me a little as to what the long term effects might be.

Immunity is a big factor in this pandemic to survive, we are alwalys advised to wear a musk, avoid mass people's gathering, maintaining personal hygiene which is alwalys instructed by government via media or electronic media. But sometimes we are helpless to this kind of nature creature, its unstoppable by any kind of precaution unless we fight back against it.

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