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If it hadn't been for the news media, social media, or the mandates, shutdowns, and other things government did in response, would you have noticed the pandemic on your own? Would your observations have registered a big health threat?

I wouldn't have. I saw nothing unusual, healthwise, in my sphere. I saw some people catch colds-- some of them had a bad cold and others not any worse than normal-- but in a typical year, I would have seen that anyway. And I know plenty of people who didn't get sick with any sort of cold-like disease.

I heard that some old or unhealthy people died; friends told me of this happening to people they, or someone they knew, knew, although no one I knew personally died. In a typical year, this happens several times anyway. This past year or so wasn't unusually deadly for people in my sphere. In fact, it's unusual that no one I know personally died since the beginning of what was advertised as a deadly pandemic.

I'm not claiming there was no pandemic. I'm just saying if I hadn't been told it was there, I wouldn't have observed it on my own. Like an invisible unicorn that can't be touched; that you have to have described to you by priests to know it is there at all.


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We humans rely on networks of communication to survive. From your friend in the next village you might hear about the new lions or the war coming your way. Once you see it with your own eyes it will be too late. Hearing about new diseases before they come have saved countless lives. A single human is weak, but as a community we will head to the stars.

Sometimes we are warned about imaginary dangers too. Look at the "ghost rape" and "penis theft" hysterias that sweep through some cultures regularly. Yes, some dangers are already upon you by the time you see them, but other times a society is almost destroyed because of a "danger" that doesn't exist. Panic is almost never a smart behavior.

Hospitals were saturated; that was a good indication that something unusual was happening. But yes, government's response seems worse than the disease

But were hospitals saturated? I kept hearing this claim, yet people I knew who worked in hospitals around the country said they were getting their hours cut because there was no work for them. Maybe it varied by region. Either way, it's not something I saw first-hand .

I don't think so, it probably would have spread word of mouth and in urban cities it would have been more noticeable with more people being aware and less people on the street, but ultimately it wouldn't have been a huge deal.

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