In the air

in #covid3 months ago

Another morning and more bleak Covid news. Seems that the virus sprays much further than previously thought when infected people cough or sneeze. And apparently it can also linger in the atmosphere for hours. So now not only people must be tested but also the air.

Most likely the testing would begin in the harder hit areas. But then what? How do we kill all the virii in the air? A vaccine seems like the best solution right now. Social distancing and wearing masks will only go so far if the virus is mutating. One company said they could have a hundred million Covid vaccine shots by the end of 2020. Does it seem plausible to you? Who knows? Honestly everyone just wants this pandemic to be over. We are all dying for a cure. Doesn’t matter who brings it first.



Looks like covid-19 is here to stay and until there is a vaccine governments will have to choose between saving the economy and saving lives... And history thought us that lives matter as long as the economy can withstand it :(

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