Italy's Covid Death Rate Wildly Over Hyped Due to 'Death Certificate Procedures'? Whistleblower Scientists Speak Out!

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Thanks to @corbettreport for succinctly summarising data from some of the good researchers online looking into the mortality rates and other data relating to COVID-19. I recommend listening to his new video for a look into understanding why Italy's death rate is so high (hint - it likely has more to do with the way their death certificates are assigned than it has to do with coronavirus or even the age of the population there). He also covers some of the many highly regarded specialists speaking out on the bogus nature of much of the 'official narrative' being used by the UK and other governments:

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Hi @ura-soul

It is terrible what is happening in Italy, and throughout the world. in venezuela there are also many deaths, but the government hides the real data.

I imagine that Italy will somehow ask to repopulate that country. I have friends who were able to leave Venezuela and are in Italy. Talk to them recently and they tell me they are fine. they do not leave their homes.

In another order of ideas it would be great to be able to work with you.

Greetings from Venezuela.

Do you have any evidence that the real data in Venezuela is being hidden by the government? I'd appreciate seeing that if you can link to it.
Due to the lockdown in Britain and elsewhere, there isn't currently a lot of work available here, but maybe that will change in the coming weeks - we will see!

Hi @ura-soul

Thank you for answering sincerely I was not expecting it. thanks

The evidence that there is, is in the internal communications between the Venezuelans. The communist government of Venezuela persecutes anyone who makes it public.

I hope things improve to be able to work with you.

Now I see that you are a witness of Hive, I already voted for you and for your work in maintaining the blockchain.

would like if you can in your free time you can go and read this publication.
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He seems to be more paranoid than a realist cause this is a disaster for the national image of the country if it is true.

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