Staying Fit and Healthy While in ECQ

in #covid-194 years ago

So the other day, our president announced the community quarantine will be extended until the end of the month. I'm not a fan of it but I think that is really necessary. And of course, there's nothing we can do but to obey.

And while we're on ECQ, we still need to make sure we keep ourselves healthy and fit. So aside from taking our daily dose of vitamin C, we also try to keep ourselves active.

Sometimes playtime and cleaning time takes up all of my time. But on some occassions where I see an opportunity for an idle time, I take the chancd to exercise.

With the summer already upon us here in our country, it's really hot. And breaking a sweat isnt't that hard. You can literlly just sit down and you'll be sweating.

I did a few planking variations and push ups to help burn all of the carbs we ate these past few weeks.

Aside from having a hobby, stay fit, eat right and sleep well. We cn all survive this pandemic.

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