Covid Has Exposed Humans

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I decided to stop viewing the news on TV. I stopped scrolling for updates on Facebook. I purposely skip through posts about Covid in my newsfeed. (Which is kinda ironic if you come to think of it because I'm here right now talking about it.) I get updates from my husband because I guess his newsfeed is far cleaner than mine. Last I heard, there are more than 1K positive cases here in our country. Compared to other countrieslike USA, Italy and China, that number is small.But still, it is alarming. And gives us enough reason to worry and panic.

But if you come to thibk of it, humans were exposed to the virus but really, it's the other way around. The virus exposed us humans. Our very core has been ripped open by this pandemic.

It brought the worst of the worst of us but it also showed the best from the best of us.

For the past few days, I saw how people react in situations like this. I read stories about people hoarding goods from alcohol to toilet paper, face mask, even vitamin C. People fight in grocery aisles just to get that last bottle of alcohol. We may all think that we are civilized the virus stripped off that facade. It's every man for himself. I've seen stories about discrimination and violence all in the name of survival.

The virus exposed our true colors. Those who pretended to care for others, those who shouted equality, those who feigned their concerns suddenly showed their true identities.

It was heartbreaking really. I see difference in treatment for the rich and the poor.

But on the brighter side, the virus gave light to the people who had the most humanity in their hearts. I read a story about a poor man lining up at the cashier with very few items in his cart. A woman volunteered to help him, she asked him to get some more food to take home, offering to pay for the groceries. Seeing her act of kindness, the other shoppers bought him other essentials too.

Only people with the biggest heart could ever do such acts in the midst of a crisis. I trully believe that you don't need a lot of money to help others. All you need is a big heart full of kindness and humanity. And the virus exposed these people. They are everywhere. Some are actors and actresses, some are underrated and unnoticed politicians, some just normal citizens.

The virus showed why we should treat the janitors the way we treat the CEOs.

Right now, the most important jobs are those of cleaners, janitors, garbage disposers, and let's not forget our farmers. On a normal day, they are often ignored or belittled. These jobs are not in the list of "What I want to be when I grow up." But right now, without them, our hospitals, testing labs, even our houses will not be squeaky clean.

Add to the fact that these jobs are one of the lowest paying jobs. But these are one of the most important jobs these days. Remember, all surfaces must be clean and sanitized, right?

We are not giving that much appreciation to our doctors and nurses.

Sure, we know that they are important. But after reading a testimony or a nurse on duty, it's like a battlefield in ICUs right now. And they are all tired and overworked. Yet they are still there. Working to help cure our sick. Our country hasn't been that supportive to our nurses. I've been surrounded by nursing graduates all working in a call center. They shared their sentiments about how underappreciated they are. And the virus revealed how important their presence is in the hospital.

I mourn for the doctors who have died during this pandemic. They did their jobs, they helped cure the sick, yet they ended up getting infected.

This battle is yet to end. It has exposed our true colors and has showed us the errors in our ways. This lockdown period may be a good time for us to reflect on the values we hold dear. Are we as human as we possibly can?

Stay at home everyone. Help our frontliners by flattening the curve. Stay inside and sanitize.

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