Covid-19 Apps, blockchain and more thoughts

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As governments are rushing to get ahold of something to find a solution of seeing the covid-19 and its whereabouts -with an option of warning people and using the social distance tool, versus full on quarantine lockdown and with that collapsing economies- the question is rising is quality is still even a measure in what these apps are doing. Or is speed and fast development the only thing that counts at the moment.

Dutch government had organised a so called 'hackathon' over the weekend for teams to present their solution of social distancing with the most crazy rules around in there. Before the weekend 100 teams presented their plans, from whereout 7 teams were passed on to the next level. From those 7 teams they received feeback throughout the night from Saturday to Sunday, and by Sunday this feedback should already be set in to change. An overrushed receipe for disaster.



In this page you can see who the teams are who are working towards getting a structured app, and interesting enough there is even one app who is using blockchain technology in here. Immotef is one of these teams and they are also strongly connected to the Digibyte blockchain. In general working with blockchains could be good for this, all data is visible, changes can not be made without being seen, and this would also mean no government interference of sneaking data in and out of here for whatever stats they would want to create.

Now I don't know if it was this team or not, but over the weekend with the testing and presenting there was already a security breach leaving loads of personal data on the streets. Not so flashy and this also makes you think about if we aren't rushing into this even though there is a good reason for working fast ofcourse.



One of the transmissions that a lot of these apps are using is bluetooth to see who was infected, or who was in close range of someone who was infected. In general not a bad idea, although these infected people should also take their own responsibility of staying home and self quarantine I find. A real problem to this approach is that there should also be enough tests provided. That is the true solution of having a contained spread.

And if you look to closer problems and biases, I can take myself as an example. Currently I work in a Covid ICU with proven infected people, but I take my precautionary measures of treating these people. This should keep me safe is the thought of that. But this app will see me around infected people and will set off all alarms. Would this mean that I won't be allowed to enter a super market because I will be a triggerperson ?

Another option is that you must scan a QR code when entering a building and your access will be granted or denied. Same story. Will this be the end of a super market history for me? Would be kind of ironic right? :D

All in All

With hacks, breaches, exceptions and lack of testing to me these apps in a working form still seem miles and miles away from actually working. Yes I do believe privacy is something we should give in a little with, but not for the cost of having everything on the streets.


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