Masks Are Required In Most Public Places In The United Kingdom Recently Because Of Covid-19: An Exception Asked By Sam Exall

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No one knows this better than Sam Exall, who is trying to educate the British public as to the reasons why the requirements for masking are lifted in certain situations for carers. Sam’s daughter, who is autistic, becomes frightened, anxious, and has other symptoms that erupt by his wearing of a mask and by seeing others that also are masked up. He does realize that the mask mandate must be followed by others but he is seeking although he is allowed an exemption, individuals in Britain are not aware enough of these exemptions. Sam Exall’s daughter responds horrifically to the difference in sight and sound from the masks worn. This makes it virtually impossible for Sam to go anywhere in public with his beloved daughter.

Since September 24, 2020, when the Prime Minister announced to the House of Commons that masks are required in almost all public places, Samuel Exell and his daughter, because of the terror and confusion this mandate causes for her have been quite literally housebound. Sam Exall must make the choice each day of staying inside with his daughter or terrifying her by wearing a mask. Although children eleven years of age and younger do not need to wear a mask in Britain, Samuel Exall does because of public backlash and insecurities of indoor businesses and other indoor providers such as transportation. This causes distress to his daughter as Sam does “mask up” to avoid repercussions.

There has been a distinct surge in cases according to health officials in the UK since late September

This prompted the response for masking whenever outside in public places shared by others. This includes all public transport, including taxis and trains, buses, and even private pay transportation services. All types of office buildings, from accountants to notaries and every type of business in between must require all customers to wear a mask. Although places of business stay open, they are required to enforce a mask mandate on all customers or deny them service. Even something as simple as going to the grocery store does require that masks be donned. Even any public area such as storage facilities, veterinary clinics, and even indoor play areas require masks now. This is now a law as of September 24, 2020, following suit after Scotland embraced this mandate to squelch the new resurgence of Covid-19. Other countries such as the United States, Australia and Canada also have the mask mandates, with some countries such as the United States and Australia keeping everything closed. Some countries have school closures even as mandates.

There are exemptions to the mask mandate for health issues but most public areas are unaware

Because there can be enforcement upon businesses and all other public places that are indoors that do not require a mask, owners of such places are reluctant to allow anyone to enter that does not wear a mask. An exception can be given but most indoor businesses and venues are afraid of being reported and subsequently fined by the UK police or the Department of Labor and Industry both of which have the powers to issue significant fines for non-compliance. This does impact any business or venue from allowing entrance by Samuel Exall even though he might have a certification of exemption, or even a doctor’s note due to his daughter’s condition. Risk management even in the workplace is the goal of the mask mandates. Sam Exall understands this but is at a loss with how to deal with it concerning his daughter’s anxiety with masks.

Although requirements can vary amongst regions, the reality is that most businesses, venues and gatherings, including funerals and weddings require “masking” for fear of the fines. Stores and other indoor venues, even public transportation display signs that state, “No Mask, No Service.” Although exceptions can be made any indoor venue, business, or mode of transportation can also receive backlash from other customers if someone is seen not wearing a mask and most places will seek to enforce the mandate on all to avoid loss of other customers.

Autism causes neurological and sensory overloads and mask wearing adults can trigger issues

Everything from high anxiety to increased awareness of sounds and smells can occur in autistic individuals. There are autistic children who can experience seizures when the sensory overload becomes unbearable. Irrational behaviors can occur with autistic children who are accompanied by a parent wearing a mask as masks do hide the wearer’s mouth and nose, and facial expressions cannot be read. Since such fear of Covid exists in the general public within the United Kingdom, Samuel Exall is always afraid of being abused or otherwise humiliated by those that are fearful and do not understand why he is not wearing a mask.

Unfortunately, this is a much too common scenario in Britain and other regions. Sam is pushing for the British government to more highly educate the public on why some individuals are not wearing masks and he has started a petition for just such heightened awareness. Many are signing and he is slowly getting the word out so that he can feel comfortable going out in public places with his daughter and not suffering humiliation and unkindness by others. He also seeks not to be banned from public places if he social distances.

British citizens are generally not trying to be unkind,but panic might rule their behaviours

They just lack awareness of the issue of “non-mask” wearing carers. This leads to a lot of frustration and anxiety not just for Samuel Exall but also for his own autistic daughter. He does feel, justifiably so, that once more attention is given to the issue of a certified reason to not wear a mask by the British government, then the general public will be more accepting and his life and his daughter’s life will be easier.

Because so little is known yet about the disease, across the United Kingdom and the world at large, panic has set in and individuals react to the panic in somewhat horrid fashion sometimes. That is why Samuel Exall has launched his mission to educate others on why carers might not be wearing masks when caring for an autistic adult or child. Social distancing does exist, so others are routinely not close to Samuel Exall and his daughter. Sam believes that the British government should try to disseminate information on autism and why masks should not be worn more widely and expeditiously and he has taken steps in that direction. Samuel Exall is a man on a mission for his beloved daughter!

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